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System Update4.3rev04
Technical info
TypeSpecialized IOS

IOS62 was released alongside Wii Shop Channel v21, but wasn't used by it. Instead it is used by the Wii U Transfer Tool. The 4.3-U update also includes a different version of IOS62, which is used by Wii System Transfer.

Unlike other IOS versions, IOS62's ES sysmodule allows ES_SetUid to be called not only by the System Menu but also by the Wii U Transfer Tool. This is done by checking whether (active_title_id & ~0xff) is equal to 0x0001000148435300 (HCS*).

On Wii U vWii, IOS62 has a different set of exceptions. Its v6430 allows 0001000148435400 (HCT*), and its v6686 and v6942 allow 0001000148435400 (HCT*) and 0001000848435a00 (HCZ*). Note that v6942 was released as an update at the same time HCZ* was added.

Version Signing bug? ES_Identify / /dev/flash? STM Release Exploit? Notes
v6430 No No No First release. November 6, 2012.
v6686 No No No Added HCZ* access. vWii only
v6942 No No No vWii only