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Generally speaking, a "full brick" occurs when the System Menu refuses to boot for any reason. There are two typical symptoms of a full brick:

  1. The Wii displays an Opera error message instead of the “WARNING SCREEN" when the Wii boots and does not check the disc drive for a disc before displaying the error. Because of this it's impossible to fix using software unless you have BootMii installed (as boot2), or you use a SaveMii Dongle with an autoboot disc.
  2. The Wii gives NO SIGNAL. Because of this it's impossible to fix using software, UNLESS you have BootMii installed (as boot2) In some cases the latter will be unable to fix this brick.

Similar bricks occur when there is a broken Bluetooth Module, or non-Korean System Menu on a Korean Wii. The former can only be fixed by replacing the module.

Fixing this brick

In the case of an Opera error, simply use Bluebomb if no recovery software is installed.

If there is no signal, then it is impossible to fix with software. BootMii as boot2 is required here.

Cause of this brick

A full brick is caused when /shared2/sys/SYSCONF is missing, damaged, or has the "reconfiguration" flag set, and the /title/00000001/00000002/data/setting.txt has the wrong region in it. When the system boots, it attempts to load the initial setup menu due to the damaged SYSCONF, but for the same reasons as the semi-brick, it fails to find the page for setup and instead shows the Opera error.