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A WiFi brick occurs when a WiFi module does not work, or a normal IOS80 is installed on a Wii Mini.

Fixing this brick

This brick can only be fixed by fixing/installing the WiFi module itself, or by restoring a NAND backup that contains the Wii Mini IOSes.

The following diagram may be of use when fixing WiFi bricks.


The Wii mini Hacking Discord server has recently began writing guides on hardware modifications for the Wii mini, and will likely write a guide for a WiFi module soon.

Cause of this brick

On boot, IOS pings the WiFi module to connect to the internet. If the WiFi module is broken or absent, IOS will hang as it receives no response.

Because the Wii Mini does not have a WiFi module, its IOSes do not have this code. However, if a normal IOS is installed, that IOS will hang when it tries to ping the non-existent WiFi module. If this IOS is IOS80, then it becomes impossible to load anything due to the System Menu never loading.