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The Datel Freeloader disc is a disc that temporarily disables region checks without requiring homebrew. The disc's header is marked as RFLP5D (for the PAL version), and it contains one encrypted partition with the ID DTLX01. It exploits the same signature verification bug as trucha signer, and an unknown method to frustrate attempts to dump the disc using standard methods.

It contains a small apploader which appears to patch the System Menu. There are no files in the FST, and there does not appear to be a DOL.

(There is also a modified ISO floating around that was generated by patching a game ISO with the Freeloader apploader, and it has the partition ID RFLPWK. This is not the same thing.)

On 16th June 2008, Nintendo released System Menu 3.3, which blocks the Freeloader.


  • Will allow the user to play games from another region
  • Is simple to use
  • No console modification is required
  • Play games that were never released in your region
  • Play games from your local region on your imported Wii system
  • This disc is 100% unofficial