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The Bluetooth DaughterCard is based on the BroadCom BCM2045 BT chipset, fairly popular in cheap USB WifI dongles. It sits on an internal USB bus, and the Hollywood treats it no differently than any other USB device. Its interface is standard Bluetooth HCI over USB.

Vendor-specific commands

Vendor-specific events

When the red sync button is released, a HCI event is generated:

   > HCI Event: Vendor (0xff) plen 1

This causes games to perform a BT inquiry and connect to found Wiimotes.

When the button is held for around 10 seconds, the payload is "09" and is interpreted as a command to clear the BT.DINF section in the SYSCONF and clear all stored link keys.

A payload of 0x10 triggers a WATCH_DOG_RESET event ("VSE:- WATCH_DOG_RESET HW error = %d").

"VSE:- SI_PORT_STATUS status = %d" is triggered by an unknown payload.