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目次 メディアプレイヤー | ユーティリティ | オペレーティングシステム | 数学 | ジョーク・その他



アプリ名 説明 作者
DragonMedia Player Music player with a skinnable interface. It supports a lot of sound formats. DragonMinded
HiivelyPlay HVL/AHX tracker player. Xeron/IRIS
WiiMPC MPD client Sshock
WiiRadio ShoutCast client scanff


アプリ名 説明 作者
GeeXboX Linux-based MPlayer port The GeeXboX Team
MPlayer CE MPlayer port combining elements of MPlayer TT, MPlayerWii, and GeeXboX Scip, rodries, etc.
MPlayer TT MPlayer port demonstrating DVD playback Team Twiizers
MPlayerWii MPlayer port rOn
Wii MFE Port Linux-based MPlayer port nuvalo


アプリ名 説明 作者
Alarmii Alarm clock for Wii Blitter
CheatManager Generate a custom GCT file for use with Gecko OS Spritez
Code Downloader Download txt code files from WiiRD Database linus
Eject DVD Ejects disc from Wii's DVD drive. hOTzENpLOTz
FS Browser Wii File System browser raven
ftpii FTP server joedj
Gamecube Saver Copies Gamecube saves (*.GCI) to your Gamecube memory card from your SD card dasda
GCBooter Boot Region Free Gamecube Games on Wii via the Homebrew Channel. emu_kidid
GCMM Copies savegame files from Gamecupe Memorycard to SD and the other way around. suloku
Homebrew Browser Install the latest homebrew games and applications all through your Wii teknecal
lsusb Dump information bout attached usb devices Brian
Leveltool A spirit-level using your wiimote Alanceil
Metronome A Metronome for your Wii Westy92
Mii Extractor Extracts all the Miis from your Wii to a SD card Waninkoko
Mii Installer Installs dumped Miis from your SD card Waninkoko
NuGaSa Backup/Restore Gamecube Savegames nIxx
Playstats Wii playtime history statistics chris
Ocarina Cheat code engine for the Wii Link
Rebooter Reboots the Wii back into regular mode. Helps if you are too lazy to go turn off the system by hand. SquidMan
Save Extractor Dumps saves from your Wii's NAND to an SD card Waninkoko
Savegame Installer Installs dumped saves from your SD card Waninkoko
SD Explorer SD card file manager miom
Title Lister Lists version info for all titles stored on the Wii's internal NAND flash bushing
TopEdit Text File Editor georgp24
txt-read Allows you to view text files Muzer
txtEd Simple Text Mode File Editor linus
WiiBServer Tiny unfinished HTTP/1.0 web server Jay
wadImport A simple wad importer crediar
WiiND USb / SD Nand dumper + Windows extractor Nicksasa
WiiCalc Full Featured Calculator PaceMaker
Wiicm Cheat Code Manager linus
Wiihttpd Simple multi-threaded HTTP Webserver for the Wii teknecal
WiiPaint Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0 Kontakatilu
WiiStrobe Turn your TV into a strobe light! Pinecone
Wii Web Server Serves web-pages Cboomf + Felix123 + Others
WiiWhiteboard Interactive Whiteboard Bg
WiiXplorer SD/USB/SMB File Manager Dimok
WUFE Wii update File extractor Nuke
xyzzy Key Displayer bushing


アプリ名 Description 作者
Wii Linux Wii-Linux debian based distro GC-Linux
WiiShell UNIX-like shell Aksommerville
WiiToo! Wii-Linux minimal Gentoo Stage4 VQuickSilver


アプリ名 Description 作者
Automatii cellular automata (life) gcb
Mandelbrot Mandelbrot fractal generator Krupkat
WiiLife Also cellular automata drei000
WPCP Wii Pi Calculation Project MadCatMk2


アプリ名 説明 作者
PS3EMU Trick your friends? just look at it... GizmoTheGreen
MTB An adult wiimote demo coded using GRRLIB NoNameNo
MTP A child-friendly wiimote IR tracking demo coded using GRRLIB NoNameNo
The Story of Rick and Schmid An inside joke between my cousin and me. Zoombus
WarezInstaller Install Warez on your Wii! theSuperficialists
WebRator Interactive cyber fun for the whole family! Cboomf
Wiibrator Hours of fun and play for the whole family! Team Dwiildo
wmlflash Flashes wiimote LEDs in sequence mdm2k