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TypePC utility

NandBinCheck is used to display information about a nand.bin from BootMii. "nandBinCheck" is a Command Line Interface (CLI) program, so there's no fancy GUI. It is able to display information about boot1 & 2, NAND filesystem, permissions, ecc, hmac, SFFS, detect causes of many different types of bricks ( opera, 003, unbootable IOS ). With this program, you are almost guaranteed that a nand.bin is safe to install on a Wii. It can be compiled on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X using Qt.

The download link is for the Windows version. You also need some DLL files, you will find the links and notice for them on the Ohneschwanzenegger page.

Here is a Mac OS X version. You will need to install the Qt SDK from here in order to run it.


"nandBinCheck" nand.bin <other options>

Other options: 
   -boot           shows information about boot 1 and 2 
   -fs             verify the filesystem is in tact 
                   verifies presence of uid & & checks the hashes in the 
                   check sha1 hashes for title private contents 
                   check all titles with a ticket titles for required IOS, proper uid & gid 
   -settingtxt     check setting.txt itself and against system menu resources.  this must be combined with "-fs" 
   -uid            Look any titles in the uid.sys, check signatures and whatnot.  this must be combined with "-fs" 
   -rsa            Calculate and compare RSA signatures.  this must be combined with "-fs" 
   -clInfo         shows free, used, and lost ( marked used, but dont belong to any file ) clusters 
   -spare          calculate & compare ecc for all pages in the nand 
                   calculate & compare hmac signatures for all files and superblocks 
   -all            does all of the above 
   -v              increase verbosity 
   -continue       try to keep going as fast as possible on errors that should be fatal 
   -nocolor        don't use terminal color trickery 
   -about          info about this program