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TypePC utility

Punetwiin is basically like Betwiin which converts a nand.bin to use on a different Wii with the different keys. It works slightly different though; It takes a full nand.bin for both done files. It pulls the files and filesystem from the first NAND, and it pulls boot1 and boot2, the keys and the bad block map from the second NAND. When its done, you will have the contents from the filesystem in the first NAND mixed with everything else from the second NAND. Bad blocks are taken into account, so it should be safer that Betwiin. Anybody using punetwiin is encouraged to verify the content of the output file before installing it. It is a Command Line Interface (CLI) program. It can be compiled on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X using Qt.

The download link is for the Windows version. You also need these DLL files.

Here is a Mac OS X version. You will need to install the Qt SDK from here in order to run it.


"punetwiin" nand1.bin nand2.bin <other options>
THIS WILL FORMAT "nand2.bin"!  It cannot be undone.
By default, this program only runs in "test mode".  It only tells you what it would have done. 
In order to REALLY run the program, use the option "-force". 

Other options: 
   -force          run in "live mode".  this option is needed to actually do something 
   -nocolor        don't use terminal color trickery 
   -about          info about this program