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TypeMusic game
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Current Status

I'm fixing some crashes that are happening, and tidying up the code for my latest milestone. I want to get the prefs/logging to work reliably before I start the graphics.

I currently have StepMania building and running on the Wii. There are no graphics/sound/input drivers yet, so all I have is console output. I'm using this to verify that StepMania's logs and pref manager are being initialized correctly.

Once I can get into the main game loop, I'll work on input and graphics.


The initial release will only support MP3 files and simple banner backgrounds (no movies or anything). Currently, the only input will be the Wiimote.

Once I get the code running efficiently and correctly (no crashes), then I will investigate using the GC DDR pad that comes with Hottest Party. If there are any USB HID drivers available, I could incorporate those into Stepmania so a PlayStation/PC pad can be used in conjunction with a USB adapter.

If anyone else has any information or suggestions, don't hesitate to post on the discussion page.


Milestone 1

Goal: Get StepMania 3.9 building on Linux with GCC 4.3, and all dependencies.

  • OpenGL
  • SDL
  • libmad
  • libvorbis
  • liblua
  • libjpeg
  • GTK
  • Fix compiler errors from changes to GCC 4.3

Status: Completed

Milestone 2

Goal: Get a stripped-down build StepMania 3.9 working on Linux with GCC 4.3, without key dependencies

  • Remove OpenGL dependency by using RageDisplayNull instead of RageDisplayOGL
  • Remove dependency on SDL
  • Remove Vorbis and MAD dependencies
  • Remove GTK dependency by using a Null loading window
  • Remove ALSA/OSS dependencies using Null sound driver (RageSoundNull?)
  • Remove Linux lights drivers
  • Remove Network support (for now)

Status: Complete

Milestone 3

Goal: Build stripped down StepMania on Wii

  • Add _WII macro to Stepmania code
  • Create stub RageDisplayWiiGX class (based on RageDisplayNull)
  • Create arch hook stubs for Wii
  • Create a simple makefile that will work with DevkitPro

Status: Complete

Milestone 4

Goal: Get log files, preference manager, console output working on Wii

  • Thread implementation
  • Filesystem implementation
  • Logging subsystem
  • Game loop

Status: Bug fixes, estimated completion 6/17/09

Milestone 5

Goal: Get graphics working by implementing RageDisplayWiiGX

Status: Needs investigation

Milestone 6

Goal: Get sound working ???

Status: Needs investigation

Milestone 7

Goal: Get input working with WiiMote

  • TBD: Will we be able to get USB/GameCube dance pads working?

Status: Needs investigation

Milestone 8

Goal: Finishing up

  • Pretty loading window
  • Bug fixes/stability

Status: Needs investigation