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Hey, I'm Pathogen David (also known as DtD) I stepped away from the homebrew scene for a long time, but I am sort-of coming back (maybe.) My original project StepMania:Wii was canceled. The StepMania source was just too messy, and back then; my 2.0 GHz Single Core just compiled code too slowly for me to be able to work efficiently. I thought about resuming my SM:Wii project, but I am not really interested in it anymore, Borbzz's StepMania port looks very promising anyway.

Right now I am toying with the idea of porting some of the games from The Humble Indie Bundle (probably starting with Gish as it seems the most simple), however no matter what, it will be a side project for me as I am busy with Pathogen Studios, my indie game company.

MSG: Hi, I was curious to know if you are still working on this project, I asked if it was possible on the stepmania forums and most people said there was no plans for it, so I'm excited to see its in production. Are you still working on this project actively or has it been on hold? I am eagerly waiting a release! Thanks! - Blazingwolf

MSG: Hey I've been following this for quite a while and was also wondering how the developing was coming. Keep up the good work. :) - Cykon