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  • 25 March 08
A winner has been chosen for the Homebrew channel banner contest. Congratulations to souLLy and his awesome entry. The music contest is still on.
  • 22 March 08
The much-requested source code for DesktopMan's Tetris Wii has been released. The original post can be found on DesktopMan's site and it can be downloaded from there (RAR) or here (TAR GZ). (Note: This does not contain a binary, nor is it a new version. It does include a Visual Studio project.)
A new Wii System Update has been released, containing a new version of the firmware (IOS37) with a fix for the signing bug. A further update is required to activate this fix.
Note this is NOT the update from a couple of days ago that was related to Wiiware.
  • 21 March 08
Experimental Twilight Hack 0.1alpha3b has been released. FAT32 support added.
There is a new minor update available to the Wii Shop Channel, related to the coming of Wiiware. It does not affect any current hacks and is "safe".
  • 19 March 08
Wiifuse v0.2.0 is out. The included Wiifuse server lets you remotely mount your wii NAND filesystem on your PC.
  • 18 March 08
There is a new art contest and music contest. Scroll to the top of the linked page for info on contests.
  • 16 March 08
Bushing showed a video with the worlds first homebrew channel on a Wii (Warning: don't immediately jump on IRC to ask for a release, if it ever gets released it will be right here.)
  • 15 March 08
We're now on a new server, It should be much, much faster. We also have a squid proxy set up and dishing out static pages before you ever hit the mediawiki thanks to pab-. -Ch0p
  • 14 March 08
Twilight Hack alpha3a is out. Front SD with FAT16 support!
  • 10 March 08
geckoloader v0.0.3 is out. Less requirements and more features. Happy happy, joy joy!
  • 9 March 08
AtaWii Beta 1.0 has been released ( An Atari St emulator )
An SDLoader for Wii to be used with the Trucha Signer was released yesterday at the Spanish forum of elotrolado (This is an ISO Image used to make development faster. The ISO is a loader which loads files (*.dol) from the SDGecko so developers don't have to re-burn a DVD every time they make an update, they just have to update the SD card. A modchip is still needed.)
Super Smash Bros Brawl System Update
Super Smash Bros Brawl (NTSC) apparently includes a required system update before the Wii is able load the game. The update is only available through the game disc itself and not through Wii Online Update. It is most likely just bug fixes for the game and includes the standard warning about the update possibly bricking the wii if you have any "Unauthorized Modifications", but so far this update does not appear to affect the Twilight Hack on unmodified consoles. -Cyber
  • 4 March 08
Version 0.2 of the Wii Proof of Concept Linux has been released over at GC-Linux.org
Download link
  • 1 March 08
Eke-eke has released a Wii version of his Genesis Plus emulator. The first Genesis Plus emulator with the ability to play Virtua Racing.
Geckoloader is released by dhewg. Geckoloader is a Wii program that transfers DOL binaries over USB Gecko, for faster loading and testing of homebrew applications.