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  • 29 October 08
Drunkencoders Winter coding competition is now accepting Wii and Gamecube entries!
  • 26 October 08
The Homebrew Channel has been updated to Beta 9, which can be installed with the new update and includes SDHC support.
  • 24 October 08
Muzer has released Wii Shop and IOS51 installer, a very quick hack of PatchMii that allows you to access the wii shop channel without losing all the functionality of fakesigned stuff.
  • 23 October 08
Nintendo has released an update which blocks fakesigning on all IOSes. Updating is not recommended until further details and implications regarding homebrew are examined. See Wii System Updates.
  • 17 October 08
Pinball Wizard has started collecting data to find what causes wifi connectivity issues. Add your data to the Wii Wifi Tests page.
  • 14 October 08
Bushing and Marcan have released some news on HackMii about the BootMii platform.