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We have a lot of different varieties of people with wi-fi setups on the Wii and a lot of different issues. To gather information on how to fix this please add your own personal setup details to the table below.

  • User: Input your user name.
  • Router Name: Put your brand name and model number
  • Wii System Version: Go to your system settings and view the top right number/letter.
  • HBC Version: For most people, this will be 1.1.2.
  • Type Of Security: Enter what type of security, if any, on your router
  • Working: Does it work at all or on what but doesn't work on something else like: "Works on HBC all the time but only sometimes on the HBB".
  • Static/DHCP: How your Wii's IP address is determined. (If you don't know, it's probably DHCP.)
  • Do note that there are no guarantees of anything coming out of this. We can try at least though.


User Router Name Wii System Version Homebrew Channel Version Type Of Security Working Static/DHCP
Bth8 WRT54GS v6 with DD-WRT 4.2U 1.0.6 Disabled Always Working Static
arian44 Thomson TWG850 4.1E 1.0.6 WPA2-PSK Always works, sometimes the Wii disconnected, but reconnecting will fix this. Static
djdynamite123 Netgear Wireless 'G' Router WGR614 v9 4.3E 1.0.8 WPA-PSK [TKIP] Always works, never once had an issue, Online, SMB etc...perfect...signal strength superb. DHCP
Vortex099 Buffalo WBMR-G54 (I think) 3.4E Beta 9 Disabled Always Working I don't know, but I'm guessing DHCP
SquidMan Linksys BEFW11S4 3.2U Beta 8 disabled Always Working (static ip untested) DHCP
slimpyman Linksys WRT54GS v3 3.2U Beta 8 disabled Flawless, w/ static ip, untested / dynamic ip Static
Pinball Wizard Linksys DI-624 3.3U V1.01 WEP Always Working Static DHCP
Deozaan Linksys DI-624 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working Static DHCP
tbolado Belkin Wireless G Router 3.3U Beta 9 WEP Always Working XD DHCP
Remadon Netgear WPN824 v2 3.3U V1.0.1 WEP Works Perfectly With HBB V2.5, Also Works Perfectly with HBC V1.0.1 (But had lots of trouble with V1.0) Fails In Official Games (espacially Brawl) sometimes.
DanielHueho Netgear WGR614 v7 3.3U Beta 8 WPA2-Personal Always works in normal Games and HBB, fails in HBC (Wiiload)
Driscol netgear rangemax wireless router WPN 824 3.3E Beta 9 WPA works perfectly. swapped to a different router and wouldnt work unless touching, but this one works across our entire house.
Blooper4912 2Wire 2701 HG 3.3U Beta 8 WPA Always works in normal games, fails to initialize in HBC once in a while.
Celebraces ASUS WL-502GC 3.1E Beta 8 WPA Always Works DHCP
Zangai Linksys WRT54GL 3.3E Beta 8 WEP No problems so far... DHCP
Kayouu Linksys WRT54Sv2 3.2U Beta 8 None No problems so far I do have SSID hidden but works fine...
bla84diamond D-Link DSL-2640U 3.2E Beta 8/9 WEP Always Works DHCP
Jedicommando SpeadStream with Wifi Max 3.3U Beta 8 None My IP keeps getting screwed up. The Wii is very picky about Wifi for me...
LOLDSFAN Nintendo Wifi USB Connector 3.3U Beta 8 None It works when I first launch it, it doesn't if I just finish a homebrew game.
Zandro Netgear WGR614 v9 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Works, using Netgear as wifi-to-wired switch to another router Static
JesseTyler D-Link DGL-4300 3.3U Beta 8 None Always Works.
mucki.at 2x Linksys Wrtg54GL with OpenWRT, using Lazy WDS 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Normally works. After repeatedly starting homebrew through wiiload it sometimes stops working. Closing HBC and starting it again helps. Netcode of the app I use through wiiload is available on request.
S1m0n4t0r Linksys WRT54G v5.1 3.2E Beta 8 WEP Always works.
Digdug Zyxel Prestige 2602HW 3.3E Beta 9 WPA-PSK HBC always works, HBB sometimes DHCP
void D-Link DIR-655 3.3U Beta 8 WPA2-Personal HBC & HBB always working
Cboomf Netgear DG384GSP-3PFUKS 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always works
Ezmegaz D-link Dl-524 3.2E Beta 8 WEP Always works. Static
Bitflusher WRT160N Firmware Version: v1.53.0 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-personal most always works, have seen homebrew browser fail 3 times. DHCP
TheDrev INVENTEL version : v5.08.8-pro-fr 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-personal Always works.
Charlesr 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 with V2.06T13 3.3U Beta 8 WPA-personal always works on normal Wii stuff, but rarely connects in HBC or HBB. BUT, works fine when I turn off encryption on the router.
Armando92 Linksys WRT54G 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working DHCP
WiiCracker Netgear WGR614 v7 3.3E and 3.2E Beta 8 WPA2 Always working
K240 D-Link DI-524 Rev. C 3.2E Beta 8 WPA2 Always working
balta Linksys - WAG354g 3.2E Beta 9 WEP Always Working static ip, X sometimes changes
Cormierre D-Link - WBR-1310 3.2U Beta 8 None Always Working
FallenAngelUK Asus WL-600g 3.2U Beta 8 WPA2-PSK Always Working
fatnickc Linksys WRT54G v6.0 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always Working
Whibo Linksys WRT54G v8 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working DHCP
maex-la Fritzbox 7050 + Repeater Siemens 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always Working
akirahedgehog Linksys WRT160N with DD-WRT v24, Westell VersaLink 150 3.3U Beta 8 WPA/WEP, WEP Always Working
Extrems Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (with modified BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-YB drivers to allow using it as a standard software access point) 3.3U 1.0.1 WEP (128 bits) + MAC filter Always Working DHCP
Omega D-Link DI-624 Rev.C 3.2U Beta 8 WEP Always Works.
Fox WAP54GX Wireless-G Access Point with SRX 3.3U Beta 8 WEP 128 bit Always works.
Lakitu Linksys WRT54Gv5 with DD-WRT v24-sp1 micro generic 3.2U Beta 9 WPA2 + MAC filter Always working Static
Kris Philips SNR6500(Access Point)/Philips SNB6500(Router) 3.3E Beta 8 WEP 128bit + MAC filter Always working DHCP?
brentbizzle Linksys WRT54G 3.2U Beta 8 WEP 128bit Always working
Tronupto Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 3.2E Beta 8 WPA+WPA2 Mostly working, sometimes no connection at HBC or in Homebrews.
nintend06 Netopia 3347-02 3.2U Beta 8 WEP Always working
Lethlorian Linksys WRT54G 3.3U Beta 8 None Always working
Legolars Speedport W 501V 3.2E Beta 8 None Always working
Gregular Cradlepoint MBR1000 3.3U Beta 8 None Always working DHCP with static reservation
mugel0190 D-Link DI624+ 3.2E Beta 8 None Always working
devilsbook Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT v24, behind Westell DSL modem/router 3.2U Beta 8 WEP (+MAC filter) Always working DHCP?
Ghabry Fritz!Box 7050 3.2E Beta 8 WEP (+MAC filter) Mostly working, sometimes no connection in HBB (HBC works) Static
TheDuck 2Wire 3800HGV-B Gateway version 3.2U Beta 8 WEP Always works DHCP
Ninjafish1990 D-Link 2XR DI-634M 108G MIMO 3.2U and 4.1U 1.0.3 WPA-PSK-TKIP WPA2 did not work, other then that, it works flawlessly. Static
Kilroy Linksys WRT54G v.6 with latest firmware 3.3U Beta 8 None No problems whatsoever, with one exception; the latest version of Homebrew Browser (0.2.3a) often fails at detecting the network settings on first run. Exiting to HBC and rerunning the Homebrew Browser will usually fix it.
Daverball Netopia 3347NWG w/ firmware v.7.7.4r1 3.2E Beta 8 WEP Always works DHCP
shaneralphie1993 Nintendo Wifi Usb Connector 3.3U Beta 8 None Always Works Good!!!
Iron Hand D-Link Dir-300 3.3E Beta 8 WPA2-PSK Sometimes the Opera WebBrowser have no connection. Otherwise always working!
folamour Tecom AH4222 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Works fine, except HBC sometimes tells me that network is not initialized.
nickds Netgear WGR614 v6 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-PSK Always Working
Thulinma Fritz!Box 7170 3.3E Beta 8 WEP-40 Works about 10% of the time in all homebrew applications, nearly always (but not 100%) in official Nintendo applications. Static
someone173 Netgear WGT624 V3 3.2J->U Beta 8 WEP Works fine.
Whodares Unbranded ADSL2/2+ 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-TKIP unable to connect to WiFi if my router's wireless channel is not 1 (or possibly 11, can't remember on this). Otherwise never had any other problems DHCP
ArCadE Linksys WAG54G V.2 3.3 Beta 8 WPA2-PSK only problems with URL Mediaplay and HBB Static
GizmoTheGreen D-Link N 635 3.3 Beta 8 None have failed to initialise in HBC at occasions, very rarely though, otherwise always works DHCP
Yossi 2wire 1701HG 3.2U Beta 8 WPA-PSK Always works in normal games, fails to initialize in HBC once in a long while. DHCP
Di0d3 TP-Link TD- W8910G 3.1E Beta 8 None Always Working DHCP
Di0d3 US Robotics Model 5463 3.1E Beta 8 None Always Working DHCP
CCowell125 Dynamode R-ADSL-C4W-EG 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always Working Static
fishears Linksys WRT54GS v5.5 3.3E Beta 8 WPA-PSK Always Working Static
juliamoron Linksys WAP11 V2.8 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Always Working Static
cap9qd Linksys WRT54G - DDWRT v24SP1 3.2U Beta 8 WPA-TKIP Always Working Static
Goric Belkin F5D7230-4 3.3E Beta 8 WPA-PSK Always Working DHCP
RynnZ Linksys WRT54G v8 (DD-WRT v24 micro) 3.3U Beta 8 WPA2-PSK Always Working DHCP
Sunshine Belkin F5D7231-4 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-PSK Always Working, no problems, no lagg DHCP
Quu Wippies Wifibox/Wippies Homebox (both with newest firmware) 3.3E Beta 8 WEP/WPA-PSK Everything works. DHCP
thaMANSTA WRT54G v2.1 with thibor 15c firmware 3.2U Beta 8 none (MAC filtering) Always Working DHCP
Drehmini WRT54G v5 with DD-WRTv24 Final 3.3E Beta 8 WPA-PSK with QoS and MAC Filtering Everything always works. DHCP, I've also tried static and still had 100% success
TremerePuck WL-520GU with DD-WRT v24-SP1 USB Build (AP mode), WRT54GL v1 with DD-WRT v24-SP1 Mega (Repeater Mode) 3.3U Beta 8 None and WPA-PSK, both with MAC Filtering Always works. I've used both DHCP and static IPs with no problem at all.
Muzer Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO F5D9630-4 3.3E and 3.2E, currently 3.2E. Beta 8 None Always works (tested a vast array of apps, including but not limited to FTPii, HBB, HBC and WiiShip, and things that use libwiiupdate, and more), but seems to go at dialup speed. Both tested, both no problems, currently static.
ckrames1234 Apple AirPort Express a/b/g/Not n Version 3.3U (¿U=USA?) Beta 8 WPA-PSK Works with HBC(WiiLoad) and HBB, and works with every app i've tested except ones based on patchmii_core Static and DHCP (Tested Both) Currently Static
arn` Gigabyte B49G (Firmware: 1.35G) 3.2E Beta 8 WEP (also compatible: None, WPA, WPA-PSK) Flawless Working DHCP and Static working (Static works only if DNS is given manually)
the_real_tonton freebox v5 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-TKIP Always works fine DHCP and Static working
Kirbysuperstar Netgear WGR614 v4 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always Working DHCP & Static working, use DHCP
Pvt_Ryan Linksys WRT54GS v1.1, DD-WRT v24sp1 Mega 3.3E Beta 8 WPA2-Personal, TKIP+AES Always Working DHCP
bibaheu Conceptronic C54BRS4 Broadband Router 3.3E Beta 8 WPA2-Personal, TKIP+AES Always Working Static
Badaro Netgear WGR614 v7 3.3E Beta 8 WEP Always works in normal games and channels, fails once in a while in any networked homebrew software. Static
Legojoey17 2Wire 2700HG-B 3.3U Beta 8 WEP Usualy Flawless. Once in awhile few attempts to connect. (Reload HBC, Try to connect to WFC again ECT) Static
xyrion Netgear WGR614 v7 (with latest firmware) 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] (63 char password ;)) with MAC filtering. SSID Broadcast is off. Always Working DHCP
Seiferoth SAGEM F@st 2504 (New Sky Broadband Router) 3.2E Beta 8 WPA-PSK [TKIP] or WEP (tested both) Always Working DHCP
Seiferoth Netgear WGR614 v9 3.2E Beta 8 WEP Always Working DHCP
Rednano12 2Wire 3800HGV-8 3.3E Beta 8 WPA Always Working DHCP
ChuckBartowski Nintendo WiFi USB Connector 3.3U Beta 9 None Always Working, Updates and in Homebrew Static
LiquidMentis D-Link DI-524 v3 3.3U Beta 9 None Always Working Both
Soulneko Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 - Tomato/DD-WRT Firmware 3.3U Beta 9 WPA2-PSK AES - MAC Filtering: OFF, Broadcast SSID: ON, Full ASCII Password. Always Working Static
Kamek Linksys WRT54G v5 3.2U Beta 8 WEP Always Working DHCP
BriGuy92 D-Link WBR-1310 3.3U Beta 9 None - SSID Broadcast off Works fine without encryption, will not work with it. Static
Beatchu Thompson DG585 v7 3.3E Beta 9 WPA-PSK Always Working DHCP
Elias843 Orange Livebox 3.2E 1.0.1 WPA-PSK (TKIP) Always Working DHCP
Bytre Airlink101 AR325W 802.11g 3.3U Beta 8 none Normally works, sometimes fails in HBB and HBC. Never noticed to fail in Opera or in games. Wii is some distance from AP.| DHCP
Zim D-Link WBR-2310 3.4U (Patchmii) Beta 8 WEP Occasionally will not connect, even when my PC/DS can connect.
Screemer Sitecom WL-130 AP + ZyXEL Prestige 650H (Branded) 3.2U Beta 9 WPA-PSK (TKIP) Did only work partion till i changed the key to all lower caps, numbers and only a view special characters (+_-.). Key is 32 chars long. Before the change it worked maybe 40% of the time and net_init took very very long.

€dit: wanted to add that i didn't had any wifi issues since i changed my wpa-key. although wifi speed increased dramatically.

nintendork32 Gateway 3800HGV-B 3.2/3 Beta 8/9 WEP Works flawlessly. DHCP / Static untested
RicoPuerto FRITZ!Fon 7150 3.3E Beta 8/9 WPA2 Works fine after changing the WLAN-channel to 11. Had some problems with channel 5. DHCP / Static untested

baghera41 XAVI technologies Force X5258-P2 3.2E Beta 9 WEP Works all the time, never had any problems with anything. DHCP / Dynamic
Tsdmk Gigabyte GN-WPKG v1.5 (Software Access Point) 3.2J Beta 9 WEP + SSID Broadcast off Always Working DHCP
Echelon Linksys WRT54G v8 3.3U Beta 9 WEP + SSID Broadcast off Works with WEP, has problems when using WPA/WPA2 DHCP
asiekierka Linksys WRT54GC v2.0 3.2E (quite) Beta 8 WPA-AES + No MAC filtering Works in Internet Channel, HBC, didn't test in any other homebrew app yet. DHCP / Dynamic IP
Screemer Sitecom WL-130 AP + ZyXEL Prestige 650H (Branded) 3.2U Beta 9 WPA2 (AES) Did only work partial till i changed the key to all lower caps, numbers and only a view special characters (+_-.). Key is 32 chars long. Before the change it worked maybe 40% of the time and net_init took very very long. DHCP
Pinecone BSkyB DG934G (will check) Beta 9 WEP Works fine, a bit slow on Homebrew browser DHCP
PeterHoeg LinkSys WRT54g v4 3.3U Beta 8 and 9 WPA PSK (TKIP) Had to change the channel to 1 (from 9) for it to work, but since then it's been perfect. DHCP
bseos Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with Tomato Firmware v1.22.8010 3.3E Beta 9 WPA2 PSK (AES) Working, w/ static DHCP, dynamic ip. NOTE: If QOS is enabled on the router slow downs are experienced, almost to a crawl if other computers are sharing the same internet connection. Static DHCP (enforced by router)
NavadeHo Zyxel 2602HW with ZyNOS Firmware Version: V3.40(AJZ.2) 3.2E (downgraded from 3.3E, version 1) Beta 1.0.1 WEP + MAC filter It works with all homebrew and all legal software for Wii. (Internet channel, HBC, HBB etc.) Static IP
jarsonic Linksys WRT54G v5 (with latest stock firmware) 3.3U Beta 1.0.1 WPA2 (AES) Always Working. DHCP
Dprotp 2Wire 2701HG-B 3.4U (now downgraded to 3.2U, same results) Beta 1.0.1 WEP Always Working DHCP
Sinamuri Linksys D-Link DGL-4300 3.4U Beta 1.0.1 Disabled Always Working DHCP
Xuqing Kuang Linksys WRH54G 3.4J 1.0.1 WPA Always Working DHCP
GreatDane ASUS WL550gE 3.4E 1.0.1 WEP Always Working DHCP
ChuckBartowski Nintendo WiFi USB Connector 3.4U 1.0.1 None Always Working, though haven't checked with HBB Static
Drugold D-Link DSL-G804V (ADSL VPN Router) 3.2E 1.0.1 MAC filter / WPA-TKIP Always Working Static
Rldowling03 Huawei D100 3.3E 1.0.1 WEP Always Working DHCP
ionstorm66 Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT v24 3.4U 1.0.1 Open/WEP/WPA Always Working DHCP
Died2Well ZyXEL p-660HW-T1 3.2U 1.01 WEP Always Working DHCP/Static
Dries 3COM 3CRWE454G72 3.4E 1.01 WPA-PSK Works in normal games, Most of the time in HBC, never in HBB, Alway (but after retries) in ftpii. DHCP
Sharkytrs NetGear Dg837-v3 3.3E 1.01 WEP Works Perfectly aslong as password is set to 64bit, not 128, otherwise games sometimes hang trying to connect to the router (Connect24 also disabled) DHCP
Shadow1643 Microsoft HL-500 3.3E 1.01 Open Works perfectly on all games, channels, and apps. DHCP
send9 Buffalo WHR-G54S 3.4E Beta 9 WPA-PSK Always working. Apps include Wii's Opera implementation, FTPii, Homebrew Browser. Router is running an alternate firmware: Tomato v1.23 DHCP
CashMan NeufBox 4 3.2E 1.0.1 WPA-PSK (TKIP) Always working on HBC, HBB, FTPii, Opera, online games, etc... DHCP
The Lemon Man D-LINK G604T 3.2E 1.0.1 Disabled Works flawlessy DHCP
Cooler 101 2WIRE712 3.2U 1.0.1 None Always works DHCP
SailorCM Belkin F5D5231-4 Cable/DSL Gateway Router 3.2E 1.0.1 WEP Always works DHCP
Digdug Linksys WAG160N-E1 3.2E 1.0.1 WPA2-MIXED Always works DHCP
Retrotails Linksys WRT110 (aka RangePlus) 3.1U 1.0.1 WEP Always works with all tested homebrew, except the code downloader, which I think is because of another kind of error. I don't know
Niki UsRobotics 9110 4.0E 1.0.2 None Always Work DHCP
Widowmaker Linksys WMP54G (Adapter) 3.3U and 4.0U 1.0.1 WPA2-MIXED Always works. Using Pfsense as router/access point w/adapter. Port foward was also used. DHCP
Michael Linksys WRT54GS 3.4U 1.0.6 patched WPA-AES Patching HBC 1.0.6 solved my prior issues, 100% working DHCP
Refresh100 Motorola (Supplied by Verizon)

[I don't know the model number, will look later.]

4.2u 1.0.6 WEP Mostly working 95% of the time. There are sometimes were HBC won't recognize it, but it rarely happens. DHCP (Unsure)
Jannis234 AVM Fritz!Box 7270 4.3E 1.0.8 WPA2-PSK I never had a prblem DHCP
Baconz Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 4.3U 1.1.2 WPA2-PSK Works most of the time, except when Comcast decides to have a field day and cut off my internet. Also occasionally doesn't work until a router restart. DHCP