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AnyRegion Changer
TypeSystem tool
LicenseGPL (PatchMii) + BSD-like (rest)

This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

AnyRegion Changer is an application which allows you to make non-temporary changes to various region and language settings on your Wii's SYSCONF and setting.txt files. You may call this a "Region Mod," i.e. the settings will persist. It also allows you to install the System Menu of another region if you so desire.

There is a YouTube Video demonstrating this application's basic functionality.

A full description of this utility can be found in the README file.

Important Warning

The 3.3rev03 update to the shop channel BREAKS SHOP COUNTRY REGION CHANGING! Be warned that your Wii may be stuck in a certain region for the shop for the time being.

The 4.2 update will brick your Korean region changed with a 003 Error brick, unless you remove the Korean key using KoreanKii first.


AnyRegion Changer lets you easily make and save changes to the volatile SYSCONF and setting.txt files.


  • AREA setting: Used to determine which region the System Menu should be--normally the cause of full bricks.
  • GAME setting: Used to determine which region of Discs and channels the System Menu will boot.
  • VIDEO setting: The Wii's video mode setting. Seems to be used universally.


  • IPL.LANG setting: Used to determine what language to use for various things. Sometimes contingent on AREA setting.
  • IPL.SADR country setting: Used to determine region information for the Forecast/News Channel and the Wii Shop Channel.


AnyRegion Changer will also install System Menu 3.2 and the appropriate IOS for any of the three main regions.

The system menu installation feature should work universally. That is, regardless of what System Menu you have installed, you should be able to upgrade/downgrade to 3.2 for any region with this feature. This is accomplished via a temporary patched IOS which incorporates bushing's IOSDelete patch and Waninkoko's AddTicket version check patch. This IOS is only installed if necessary, and it is deleted immediately after use.


This software comes with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. You may use this software at your own risk. I can take no responsibility for any damage caused by this application.

Please take note of the following:

  • If setting.txt is corrupted for any reason, it is entirely possible that your Wii will no longer boot.
  • If you change the GAME ("Game Region") settings, you may no longer be able to boot discs! Make sure you have the Homebrew Channel installed so you can change it back!
  • Be careful not to change Video mode to a mode unsupported by your display.
  • If you change your Country code, you will be unable to receive any pending gifts you have in the Wii Shop Channel. (The shop will also warn you of this)
  • If you set the EULA to Read, you may be accessing Nintendo Network Services illegally. You should only change this setting to "read" if you have actually read and accepted the EULA for the Country code you have set.
  • Setting the AREA setting ("Console Area Setting") to a different region than your System Menu WILL cause a Semi-Brick! If for some reason your System-Configured flag is unset (via some installation, or a corrupted SYSCONF) your system WILL become FULLY BRICKED. Your system will attempt to do the "First Time" configuration for an incorrect region, and will not be able to find the html content for the interface.
  • Changing the language setting to a mode unsupported by your console region (i.e. Korean on a E/U/J wii) will cause the system menu to freeze at the warning screen.
  • Traditional Chinese will result in a brick no matter what console is in question, so users should be careful.
  • Downgrading on LU64+ Wii’s (boot2v4) will result in a INSTANT FULL BRICK!


It may be a good idea to backup your setting.txt with this tool (SD card required). The setting_replace tool will also restore your setting.txt from a backup on your SD card.

Country Codes

A full list of country codes can be found on the Country Codes page

Common errors on System Menu 3.4 or newer

If you see the errors:

  • Error! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)
  • The AREA/SysMenu (Installed System Menu) mismatch warning even though you have the same region on AREA and GAME
  • System Menu shows only "."

Then you probably don't have a IOS with the Signing bug, and you should use DOP-Mii in order to install IOS36 v1042 to enable the features of AnyRegion Changer. WARNING: LU64+ wiis, ios36-v1042 may not function on your wii, causing apps and games (SSBB, MarioKart) that load ios36 to crash. If this happens there is no ethical way to run this application. Please use dop-mii wiibrew edition to upgrade ios36 if you experience such issue.



  • No longer cares whether EULA has been set or not
  • Now downloads the correct IOS35 from nus, a fix for post 10/23/08


  • Minor fix to sysconf lib (Should fix some -24578 errors)
  • Changed Identification Routines
  • Added System Menu Region detection
  • Added intro screen/extra warnings


  • Initial Release