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Technical info
TypeSpecialized IOS
StatusPrivate Corporate IOS
Stub variant2008

IOS3 is a stub IOS present in RVL-CPU-20 Wiis, whose functional version used by dummy titles, such as those installed by the Wii Backup Disc to install the development certificates. No console has been found with a functional version, and the functional version is more than 16 versions behind the state at the factory, so partial bits cannot be recovered either.

IOS3 and IOS4 are also the only two IOSes stubbed on the Wii mini, since most IOSes will hang on the Wii mini due to the WiFi module not responding.

v65280 starts at CID 0x10 (16), meaning there were at least 16 versions before due to old IOSes not having build tags, and probably more because IOS content IDs used to be formatted as -CAFExxxx. Alternatively, there may have been one monolithic version and one modular version using the release CID scheme.

The System Menu defaults to this IOS if the system version in a disc TMD is 0-0. Despite this, dummy disc partitions (e.g. update partitions and Drive Test Disc) use IOS4.

Titles using this IOS

  • dummy-cls.wad
  • dummy-loc.wad

Version history

Version Signing bug? /dev/flash access? ES_Identify? STM Release Exploit? STM IOCTL overflow? SDI register index bug? Notes
v0 ? ? ? ? ? ? Installed by RVL_DIAG's swupDiag dol. Has build tag os_devel and 0x7e8b0103 at the end of the file.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Used in the factory on RVL-CPU-20 and later for an unknown purpose.
v65280 No No No N/A N/A N/A Stub IOS present on RVL-CPU-20 and later. Not available on NUS.