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System Update3.5
Technical info
TypeSystem Menu IOS
Stub variant4.0

Used by System Menu 3.3 for all Korean consoles. It adds Korean common key support, and has the signing bug fix from IOS37.


When the 3.5 update was released, v2835 of IOS41, IOS43, and IOS45 were released. The IOS history page seems to have accidentally received IOS40v2835 at the same time in this edit. Since then, info about v2835 was added to this page, and it began to be commonly accepted that IOS40v2835 existed, but it was assumed that it was preinstalled, since it cannot be found on NUS.

Looking at the 3.5 Wiimpersonator scan, v3072 was released in 3.5. The important detail of v3072 is that it starts at content ID 0xF for the build tag, which would not be the case if there was a version between v2321 and v3072.

Titles using this IOS

  • System Menu 3.3K

Version history

Version Signing bug? /dev/flash access? ES_Identify? STM Release Exploit? STM IOCTL overflow? SDI register index bug? Notes
v2320 ? ? ? ? ? ? Never released. Only known to exist because v2321 was built later than the rest of the Korean IOSes, and the other Korean IOSes are exactly 1280 (5.0) versions ahead of the other IOSes, while the corresponding IOS30 is v1040.
v2321 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Korean only, not available on NUS.
v3072 No No No N/A N/A N/A Stub IOS