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The NAND Boot Program is a DOL that is the boot content of every Broadway title (except the System Menu). It is linked with Revolution OS, though a separate copy from the game itself. It is responsible for loading the main content from index 1 of a title; newer versions are able to apply an LZ11 decompression.

Similar to the System Menu, the NAND Boot Program is governed by its own BS2 with far fewer states.

SDK libraries

These libraries were taken from the version in Mii Channel v6.

Name Build timestamp
OS Aug 8 2007 02:06:24 (0x4199_60831)
EXI Aug 8 2007 01:59:22 (0x4199_60831)
SI Aug 8 2007 02:07:10 (0x4199_60831)
VI Aug 8 2007 02:07:17 (0x4199_60831)
DVD Aug 8 2007 01:59:13 (0x4199_60831)
NAND Aug 8 2007 02:08:58 (0x4199_60831)
SC Aug 8 2007 02:09:03 (0x4199_60831)
PAD Aug 8 2007 02:07:08 (0x4199_60831)


Error messages for ES_InitLib, ES_GetTitleId, ESP_OpenContentFile, ESP_ReadContentFile, ESP_CloseContentFile, and ESP_CloseLib can be found in BS2Tick in v1.21 (and possibly v1.4). It is not clear what ESP is; the lists of function names in SEL files list all of these functions as ES functions, so it is possible that this was simply a typo, hence the inconsistency in ES_InitLib and ESP_CloseLib.


There is a logic used to determine whether the current device is an RVA system; this is done by checking if /title/00000001/00000002/data/RVA.txt exists.

Internet Channel patches

Versions 1.21 and above perform a "MEM1 patch" and a "MEM2 patch" on the Internet Channel. The details of this patch are currently not known.

Version history


  • Replaced DEVELOPMENT MODE in the heading string with %s, possibly indicating that this was meant to be the first version released
  • Main binary is now uncompressed (using LZ11) before booting


  • Replaced the version in the heading string with %s (with the version stored elsewhere)


Found in many public channels. Differences from v1.0 are unknown.


First release. Probably a beta version, since the only known appearance is in Forecast Channel dummy and News Channel dummy v0.