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This page serves to hold title IDs used on the Wii.

Region Codes

Region codes are used to determine what region a title belongs to. The region code is the last letter of the four-letter title ID (the last two digits in hexadecimal notation). Essential system titles save for system "channels" with region specific information, do not use region codes.

The following region codes are known to exist:

ASCII Hex Region
A 41 All regions. System channels like the Mii Channel use it.
B 42 Used by some WiiWare / Virtual Console titles.
C 43 Used by emulated games released in mainland China on the Nvidia Shield TV. Also used by DVDX v7.
D 44 German-speaking regions. Only if separate versions exist, e.g. Zelda: A Link to the Past.
E 45 USA and other NTSC regions except Japan.
F 46 French-speaking regions. Only if separate versions exist, e.g. Zelda: A Link to the Past.
I 49 Italian-speaking regions. Only if separate versions exist, e.g. Pokemon Snap. Unofficially used by The Homebrew Channel 1.0.5 and newer.
J 4A Japan
K 4B Korea.
L 4C Japanese Import to Europe, Australia and other PAL regions.
M 4D American Import to Europe, Australia and other PAL regions.
N 4E Japanese Import to USA and other NTSC regions.
P 50 Europe, Australia and other PAL regions.
Q 51 Korea with Japanese language.
S 53 Spanish-speaking regions. Only if separate versions exist, e.g. Pokemon Snap.
T 54 Korea with English language.
U 55 Used by some WiiWare / Virtual Console titles.
W 57 Taiwan and Hong Kong.
X 58 Used by some WiiWare / Virtual Console titles. Also used by DVDX v1-v6 and The Homebrew Channel versions 1.0.4 and earlier.

System Codes

System codes are used to determine what type of title it is. The system code is the first letter of the four-letter title ID (the first two digits in the second section in hexadecimal notation). Custom Channels (such as the Homebrew Channel) do not usually follow these codes, and no 00000001 titles use them (because they are unneeded).

The following system codes are known to exist:

ASCII Hex System
C 43 Commodore 64 Virtual Console.
D 44 Demo Disc.
E 45 Virtual Console Arcade
or NeoGeo Virtual Console.
F 46 NES Virtual Console.
G 47 GameCube Disk.
H 48 General Channel. (The System Channels use this, and so do all the ones you can buy in the Wii Shop)
J 4A Super Nintendo Virtual Console.
L 4C Sega Master System Virtual Console.
M 4D Sega Megadrive Virtual Console.
N 4E Nintendo 64 Virtual Console.
P 50 TurboGraFX Virtual Console. Also used for promotional GameCube disks.
Q 51 TurboGraFX CD Virtual Console
R 52 Wii Disc. Used for older disc-based games.
S 53 Wii Disc. Used for newer disc-based game.
W 57 WiiWare.
X 58 MSX Virtual Console. (Japan only)
or WiiWare - Demos

00000001: Essential system titles

In the table below are the essential System Titles excluding all IOS modules. Information on those can be found in the IOS History page.

Title ID Name Notes
00000001-00000001 BOOT2 This title ID is used in the boot2 TMD; it does not exist in /title.
00000001-00000002 System Menu First PPC code to execute on the Wii during startup; it is loaded into RAM by IOS and then bootstrapped with 6 instructions from the Hollywood chip.
00000001-00000100 BC Used to start GameCube games -- sets Hollywood speed to 162MHz, loads boot2, which then eventually loads MIOS
00000001-00000101 MIOS GameCube compatibility IOS -- active while GameCube games are being played on the Wii. Internally called: "GAMECUBE BOOTROM for REVOLUTION"

00000007: vWii essential system titles

Title ID Name Notes
00000007-00000002 System Menu 3 versions per region have been released.
00000007-00000200 BC-NAND vWii only NANDLoader common for all titles, used as an Ancast Image to boot titles.
00000007-00000201 BC-WFS A version of the Dragon Quest X apploader in Ancast format.

00010000: Disc-based games

Games found on retail game discs have Title-IDs starting with 00010000, or 00010004 if they install a channel. A partial list of example games and their IDs is found on the Disc based games page. Non-disc titles that use this title type are listed here.

Title ID Hex Description
00010000-.... 00010000-0000dead Update partition for factory titles (RVL-CPU-01)
00010000-0002 00010000-30303032 DataChk
00010000-0003 00010000-30303033 0003 factory title
00010000-.UPD 00010000-00555044 Region free update partition, seen on early discs like Wii Sports
00010000-.UPE 00010000-00555045 Update partition on retail discs
00010000-.INS 00010000-00494e53 Dummy title ID used in channel installer partitions
00010000-B^.H 00010000-425e9f49 contentTestD.wad. Found on the Wii Backup Disc and referenced in System Menu 3.0.
00010000-HAZA 00010000-48415a41 Photo Channel 1.1 dummy

00010001: Downloaded channels

00010001-Cxxx : Commodore 64 Games

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-C93x 00010001-433933xx Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance
00010001-C94x 00010001-433934xx Nebulus (Tower Toppler)
00010001-C95x 00010001-433935xx Impossible Mission
00010001-C96x 00010001-433936xx Summer Games II
00010001-C97x 00010001-433937xx California Games
00010001-C98x 00010001-433938xx Paradroid
00010001-C99x 00010001-433939xx Uridium
00010001-C9Ex 00010001-433945xx Winter Games
00010001-C9Gx 00010001-433947xx Mayhem in Monsterland
00010001-C9Hx 00010001-433948xx Boulder Dash
00010001-C9Ix 00010001-433949xx Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
00010001-C9Mx 00010001-43394dxx Pitstop II
00010001-C9Px 00010001-433950xx Last Ninja 3
00010001-C9Qx 00010001-433951xx Jumpman
00010001-C9Rx 00010001-433952xx International Karate +
00010001-C9Sx 00010001-433953xx Impossible Mission II
00010001-C9Xx 00010001-433958xx The Last Ninja
00010001-C9Yx 00010001-433959xx International Karate
00010001-C9Zx 00010001-43395axx World Games

00010001-Exxx : Virtual Console Arcade Games

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-E62x 00010001-453632xx Space Harrier
00010001-E63x 00010001-453633xx Shinobi
00010001-E67x 00010001-453637xx Dig Dug
00010001-E68x 00010001-453638xx Galaga
00010001-E69x 00010001-453639xx Baraduke
00010001-E6Ax 00010001-453641xx Moon Cresta
00010001-E6Fx 00010001-453646xx Galaxian
00010001-E6Hx 00010001-453648xx Face Off
00010001-E6Jx 00010001-45364axx Bakutotsu Kijuutei: Baraduke II
00010001-E6Kx 00010001-45364bxx Chouzetsu Rinjin: Berabow Man
00010001-E6Mx 00010001-45364dxx Tecmo Bowl
00010001-E6Nx 00010001-45364exx Solomon's Key
00010001-E6Ox 00010001-45364fxx Bomb Jack
00010001-E6Px 00010001-453650xx Ninja Gaiden
00010001-E6Qx 00010001-453651xx Rygar
00010001-E6Vx 00010001-453656xx Zaxxon
00010001-E6Wx 00010001-453657xx Golden Axe
00010001-E6Xx 00010001-453658xx Altered Beast
00010001-E6Yx 00010001-453659xx Space Invaders
00010001-E6Zx 00010001-45365axx Star Force
00010001-E72x 00010001-453732xx Star Blade
00010001-E73x 00010001-453733xx Mappy
00010001-E74x 00010001-453734xx Cosmo Gang the Puzzle
00010001-E76x 00010001-453736xx Emeraldia
00010001-E77x 00010001-453737xx Return Of Ishtar
00010001-E78x 00010001-453738xx Solvalou
00010001-E79x 00010001-453739xx Gaplus
00010001-E7Ax 00010001-453741xx Grobda
00010001-E7Bx 00010001-453742xx Dig Dug II
00010001-E7Cx 00010001-453743xx Bosconian
00010001-E7Ex 00010001-453745xx Dragon Buster
00010001-E7Fx 00010001-453746xx Dragon Saber
00010001-E7Gx 00010001-453747xx Dragon Spirit
00010001-E7Hx 00010001-453748xx Xevious
00010001-E7Ix 00010001-453749xx Finest Hour
00010001-E7Jx 00010001-45374axx Knuckle Heads
00010001-E7Kx 00010001-45374bxx Pac-Mania
00010001-E7Lx 00010001-45374cxx Cosmo Gang the Video
00010001-E7Mx 00010001-45374dxx Phelios
00010001-E7Nx 00010001-45374exx Rolling Thunder
00010001-E7Ox 00010001-45374fxx Burning Force
00010001-E7Px 00010001-453750xx Marvel Land
00010001-E7Qx 00010001-453751xx Galaga '88
00010001-E7Rx 00010001-453752xx Wonder Momo
00010001-E7Sx 00010001-453753xx Assault
00010001-E7Tx 00010001-453754xx Hopping Mappy
00010001-E7Ux 00010001-453755xx Splatterhouse
00010001-E7Vx 00010001-453756xx Cyber Sled
00010001-E7Wx 00010001-453757xx Numan Athletics
00010001-E7Xx 00010001-453758xx Youkai Douchuuki
00010001-E7Yx 00010001-453759xx Sky Kid
00010001-E7Zx 00010001-45375axx The Tower of Druaga

00010001-Exxx : NeoGeo Games

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-EA2x 00010001-454132xx Metal Slug 2
00010001-EA8x 00010001-454138xx Ironclad
00010001-EAAx 00010001-454141xx Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
00010001-EABx 00010001-454142xx World Heroes
00010001-EACx 00010001-454143xx Magician Lord
00010001-EADx 00010001-454144xx Art of Fighting
00010001-EAEx 00010001-454145xx Samurai Shodown
00010001-EAFx 00010001-454146xx Blue's Journey
00010001-EAGx 00010001-454147xx The King of Fighters '94
00010001-EAHx 00010001-454148xx Baseball Stars 2
00010001-EAIx 00010001-454149xx Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
00010001-EAJx 00010001-45414axx Metal Slug
00010001-EAKx 00010001-45414bxx Burning Fight
00010001-EALx 00010001-45414cxx Art of Fighting 2
00010001-EAMx 00010001-45414dxx Ninja Combat
00010001-EANx 00010001-45414exx Fatal Fury 2
00010001-EAOx 00010001-45414fxx King of the Monsters
00010001-EAPx 00010001-454150xx Ninja Commando
00010001-EARx 00010001-454152xx Neo Turf Masters
00010001-EASx 00010001-454153xx Samurai Shodown II
00010001-EAVx 00010001-454156xx The King of Fighters '95
00010001-EAWx 00010001-454157xx Fatal Fury Special

00010001-Fxxx : NES Games

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-FA2x 00010001-464132xx Exerion
00010001-FA4x 00010001-464134xx Devil World
00010001-FA5x 00010001-464135xx Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi
00010001-FA6x 00010001-464136xx Donkey Kong Jr. Math
00010001-FA7x 00010001-464137xx Yoshi
00010001-FA8x 00010001-464138xx Kirby's Adventure
00010001-FA9x 00010001-464139xx Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
00010001-FAAx 00010001-464141xx Donkey Kong
00010001-FABx 00010001-464142xx Donkey Kong Jr.
00010001-FACx 00010001-464143xx Pinball
00010001-FADx 00010001-464144xx Gomoku Narabe Renju
00010001-FAFx 00010001-464146xx Mario Bros.
00010001-FAGx 00010001-464147xx Super Mario Bros.
00010001-FAHx 00010001-464148xx Tennis
00010001-FAIx 00010001-464149xx Soccer
00010001-FAJx 00010001-46414axx Ice Hockey
00010001-FAKx 00010001-46414bxx The Legend of Zelda
00010001-FALx 00010001-46414cxx Baseball
00010001-FAMx 00010001-46414dxx Wario's Woods
00010001-FANx 00010001-46414exx Urban Champion
00010001-FAOx 00010001-46414fxx Solomon's Key
00010001-FAPx 00010001-464150xx NES Open Tournament Golf
00010001-FAQx 00010001-464151xx Ninja JaJaMaru-kun
00010001-FARx 00010001-464152xx Gradius
00010001-FASx 00010001-464153xx Xevious
00010001-FATx 00010001-464154xx The Legend of Kage
00010001-FAVx 00010001-464156xx Tecmo Bowl
00010001-FAWx 00010001-464157xx Elevator Action
00010001-FAXx 00010001-464158xx Pac-Man
00010001-FAYx 00010001-464159xx Ikki
00010001-FAZx 00010001-464159xx Field Combat
00010001-FB2x 00010001-464232xx Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels
00010001-FB3x 00010001-464233xx Valkyrie no Boken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu
00010001-FB4x 00010001-464234xx Lunar Pool
00010001-FB5x 00010001-464235xx Zanac
00010001-FB6x 00010001-464236xx Front Line
00010001-FB7x 00010001-464237xx Nuts & Milk
00010001-FB8x 00010001-464238xx Challenger
00010001-FB9x 00010001-464239xx Pooyan
00010001-FBAx 00010001-464241xx Smash Table Tennis
00010001-FBBx 00010001-464242xx Mach Rider
00010001-FBCx 00010001-464243xx Excitebike
00010001-FBDx 00010001-464244xx Kid Icarus
00010001-FBEx 00010001-464245xx Ice Climber
00010001-FBHx 00010001-464248xx Castlevania
00010001-FBIx 00010001-464249xx Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
00010001-FBJx 00010001-46424axx Mighty Bomb Jack
00010001-FBKx 00010001-46424bxx Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
00010001-FBLx 00010001-46424cxx Lode Runner
00010001-FBNx 00010001-46424exx Ninja Gaiden
00010001-FBOx 00010001-46424fxx Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou
00010001-FBQx 00010001-464251xx Druaga no Tou
00010001-FBRx 00010001-464252xx Galaga
00010001-FBSx 00010001-464253xx Milon's Secret Castle
00010001-FBUx 00010001-464255xx Adventures of Lolo
00010001-FBVx 00010001-464256xx Tsuppari Ozumo
00010001-FBWx 00010001-464257xx Joy Mech Fight
00010001-FBYx 00010001-464259xx Super Mario Bros. 2
00010001-FBZx 00010001-46425axx Metroid
00010001-FC2x 00010001-464332xx Hanjuku Hero
00010001-FC3x 00010001-464333xx Bubble Bobble
00010001-FC4x 00010001-464334xx Chack'n Pop
00010001-FC5x 00010001-464335xx Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Dochu
00010001-FC6x 00010001-464336xx StarTropics
00010001-FC7x 00010001-464337xx NES Play Action Football
00010001-FC8x 00010001-464338xx Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
00010001-FC9x 00010001-464339xx Metal Slader Glory
00010001-FCAx 00010001-464341xx Star Soldier
00010001-FCEx 00010001-464345xx Esper Dream
00010001-FCFx 00010001-464346xx Yie Ar Kung-Fu
00010001-FCGx 00010001-464347xx TwinBee
00010001-FCHx 00010001-464348xx Flappy
00010001-FCIx 00010001-464349xx Volguard II
00010001-FCNx 00010001-46434exx Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daiboken
00010001-FCOx 00010001-46434fxx Battle City
00010001-FCPx 00010001-464350xx Balloon Fight
00010001-FCQx 00010001-464351xx Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
00010001-FCRx 00010001-464352xx Adventure Island
00010001-FCSx 00010001-464353xx Super C/Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces
00010001-FCTx 00010001-464354xx Mega Man
00010001-FCUx 00010001-464355xx Volleyball
00010001-FCVx 00010001-464356xx Wrecking Crew
00010001-FCWx 00010001-464357xx Super Mario Bros. 3
00010001-FCYx 00010001-464359xx Yoshi's Cookie
00010001-FCZx 00010001-46435axx King's Knight
00010001-FD2x 00010001-464432xx Double Dragon
00010001-FD6x 00010001-464436xx Adventures of Lolo 2
00010001-FD7x 00010001-464437xx Mega Man 3
00010001-FDAx 00010001-464441xx Spelunker
00010001-FDBx 00010001-464442xx Famicom Mukashibanashi: Shin Onigashima
00010001-FDCx 00010001-464443xx Star Luster
00010001-FDEx 00010001-464445xx Mappy
00010001-FDFx 00010001-464446xx Bases Loaded
00010001-FDGx 00010001-464447xx Ghosts 'n Goblins
00010001-FDIx 00010001-464449xx Bokosuka Wars
00010001-FDLx 00010001-46444cxx Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
00010001-FDNx 00010001-46444exx Mega Man 2
00010001-FDOx 00010001-46444fxx Operation Wolf
00010001-FDPx 00010001-464450xx Blades of Steel
00010001-FDQx 00010001-464451xx Double Dribble
00010001-FDRx 00010001-464452xx Skate or Die!
00010001-FDSx 00010001-464453xx Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha
00010001-FDTx 00010001-464454xx Renegade
00010001-FDUx 00010001-464455xx Super Dodgeball
00010001-FDVx 00010001-464456xx River City Ransom/Street Gangs
00010001-FDWx 00010001-464457xx Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki dayo Zennin Shuugou!
00010001-FDXx 00010001-464458xx Double Dragon II: The Revenge
00010001-FDYx 00010001-464459xx Fire Emblem Gaiden
00010001-FDZx 00010001-46445axx Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai
00010001-FE6x 00010001-464536xx Ninja-kun: Majou no Boken
00010001-FE7x 00010001-464537xx Ninja-kun: Ashura no Shou
00010001-FE9x 00010001-464539xx Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairanto
00010001-FECx 00010001-464543xx Sky Kid
00010001-FEDx 00010001-464544xx Dig Dug
00010001-FEEx 00010001-464545xx Tantei Jinguji Saburo: Shinjuku Chuo Kōen Satsujin Jiken
00010001-FEIx 00010001-464549xx City Connection
00010001-FEJx 00010001-46454axx Nazo no Murasamejou
00010001-FELx 00010001-46454cxx Transformers: Convoy no Nazo
00010001-FEMx 00010001-46454dxx Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
00010001-FENx 00010001-46454exx Life Force
00010001-FEPx 00010001-464550xx Getsufuuma Den
00010001-FEQx 00010001-464551xx Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
00010001-FERx 00010001-464552xx Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics 2
00010001-FESx 00010001-464553xx Clu Clu Land
00010001-FEUx 00010001-464555xx Donkey Kong 3
00010001-FEVx 00010001-464556xx Atlantis no Nazo
00010001-FEWx 00010001-464557xx Dragon Buster
00010001-FEXx 00010001-464558xx Wagan Land
00010001-FFAx 00010001-464641xx Final Fantasy
00010001-FFBx 00010001-464642xx Final Fantasy II
00010001-FFDx 00010001-464644xx Crash 'N The Boys: Street Challange
00010001-FFEx 00010001-464645xx A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia
00010001-FFFx 00010001-464646xx Final Fantasy III
00010001-FFGx 00010001-464647xx SD Gundam World - Gachapon Senshi: Scramble Wars
00010001-FFKx 00010001-46464bxx Championship Lode Runner
00010001-FFLx 00010001-46464cxx Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
00010001-FFMx 00010001-46464dxx Blaster Master
00010001-FFNx 00010001-46464exx Mega Man 4
00010001-FFQx 00010001-464651xx Shadow of the Ninja
00010001-FFRx 00010001-464652xx Faxandu
00010001-FFUx 00010001-464655xx Adventure Island II
00010001-FFVx 00010001-464656xx S.C.A.T.
00010001-FFYx 00010001-464659xx Mega Man 5

00010001-Hxxx : Channels

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-HADx 00010001-484144xx Internet Channel

(Opera / Internet Channel)

00010001-HAEA 00010001-48414541 Wii Message Board
(Not a channel by itself, but mail stored on the SD card uses this ID)
00010001-HAJx 00010001-48414axx Everybody Votes C...

(Everybody Votes Channel)

00010001-HAOx 00010001-48414fxx TV Remote channel
(Not released,[check] but references exist in the System Menu)
00010001-HAPx 00010001-484150xx Check Mii Out Ch.

(Check Mii Out / Mii Contest Channel)

00010001-HATx 00010001-484154xx Nintendo Channel
00010001-HAVx 00010001-484156xx Today and Tomorrow Channel
00010001-HAWx 00010001-484157xx Metroid Prime 3 Preview
00010001-HAZA 00010001-48415axx Photo Channel 1.1 (Europe?)
00010001-HBNx 00010001-48424exx TV Friend Channel / G-Guide for Wii
00010001-HC3x 00010001-484333xx USB Memori Shuufuku Puroguramu
  • Translates to: USB Memory Repair Program
00010001-HCAx 00010001-484341xx Daigasso! Band Bros. DX Speaker Channel
00010001-HCBx 00010001-484342xx Shashin Channel 1.0 Fukkyuu Programme
  • Translates to: Photograph Channel 1.0 Restoration Program
00010001-HCHx 00010001-484348xx Demae Channel / Japan Food Service
00010001-HCDx 00010001-484344xx Digicam Print Channel
00010001-HCFx 00010001-484346xx Wii Speak Channel
00010001-HCGx 00010001-484347xx Get Connected Video
00010001-HCIx 00010001-484349xx Wii no Ma Channel
00010001-HCJx 00010001-48434axx BBC iPlayer Channel
00010001-HCLx 00010001-48434cxx Netflix
00010001-HCMx 00010001-48434dxx Kirby TV Channel
00010001-HCQx 00010001-484351xx Hulu Plus
00010001-HCRx 00010001-484352xx Save Data Update

(The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Save Data Update Channel)

00010001-HCSx 00010001-484353xx Wii U Transfer Tool
00010001-HCWx 00010001-484357xx Amazon Instant Video
00010001-HCXx 00010001-484358xx YouTube
00010001-HCYx 00010001-484359xx Wii U Hontai Koushin Shuufuku Puroguramu
  • Translates to: Wii U Console Update Repair Program

00010001-Jxxx : SNES Games

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-JA2x 00010001-4a4132xx Kamaitachi no Yoru
00010001-JA3x 00010001-4a4133xx Shin Megami Tensei
00010001-JA4x 00010001-4a4134xx Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
00010001-JA5x 00010001-4a4135xx Hercules no Eiko III: Kamigami no Chinmoku
00010001-JA6x 00010001-4a4136xx Zombies Ate My Neighbors
00010001-JA7x 00010001-4a4137xx ActRaiser
00010001-JA8x 00010001-4a4138xx Final Fight
00010001-JAAx 00010001-4a4141xx Super Mario World
00010001-JABx 00010001-4a4142xx Mario's Super Picross
00010001-JACx 00010001-4a4143xx F-Zero
00010001-JADx 00010001-4a4144xx The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
00010001-JAEx 00010001-4a4145xx Donkey Kong Country
00010001-JAFx 00010001-4a4146xx SimCity
00010001-JAGx 00010001-4a4147xx Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo
00010001-JAHx 00010001-4a4148xx R-Type III: The Third Lightning
00010001-JAIx 00010001-4a4149xx Super Castlevania IV
00010001-JAJx 00010001-4a414axx Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
00010001-JALx 00010001-4a414cxx Contra III: The Alien Wars
00010001-JAMx 00010001-4a414dxx Gradius III
00010001-JAPx 00010001-4a4150xx Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
00010001-JAUx 00010001-4a4155xx Famicom Bunko: Hajimari no Mori
00010001-JAVx 00010001-4a4156xx Super Metroid
00010001-JAWx 00010001-4a4157xx Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
00010001-JAZx 00010001-4a415axx The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
00010001-JB3x 00010001-4a4233xx Harvest Moon
00010001-JB5x 00010001-4a4235xx Super Gussun Oyoyo
00010001-JB6x 00010001-4a4236xx Treasure Hunter G
00010001-JB7x 00010001-4a4237xx Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard
00010001-JB9x 00010001-4a4239xx Gakkou de atta Kowai Hanashi
00010001-JBAx 00010001-4a4241xx Metal Marines
00010001-JBBx 00010001-4a4242xx Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
00010001-JBCx 00010001-4a4243xx Kirby's Dream Course
00010001-JBDx 00010001-4a4244xx Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
00010001-JBEx 00010001-4a4245xx Magical Drop
00010001-JBFx 00010001-4a4246xx Otogirisou
00010001-JBGx 00010001-4a4247xx Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer
00010001-JBHx 00010001-4a4248xx Hercules no Eiko IV: Kamigami kara no Okurimono
00010001-JBIx 00010001-4a4249xx Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
00010001-JBKx 00010001-4a424bxx Breath of Fire II
00010001-JBLx 00010001-4a424cxx Pac-Attack
00010001-JBNx 00010001-4a424exx Darius Twin
00010001-JBOx 00010001-4a424fxx Panel de Pon
00010001-JBPx 00010001-4a4250xx Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
00010001-JBQx 00010001-4a4251xx Kirby's Avalanche
00010001-JBRx 00010001-4a4252xx Vegas Stakes
00010001-JBSx 00010001-4a4253xx Axelay
00010001-JBTx 00010001-4a4254xx Super Turrican
00010001-JBUx 00010001-4a4255xx Super Turrican 2
00010001-JBVx 00010001-4a4256xx Der Langrisser
00010001-JBWx 00010001-4a4257xx Cybernator
00010001-JBYx 00010001-4a4259xx Super R-Type
00010001-JC3x 00010001-4a4333xx Bahamut Lagoon
00010001-JC4x 00010001-4a4334xx Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventure
00010001-JC5x 00010001-4a4335xx Romancing SaGa
00010001-JC6x 00010001-4a4336xx Romancing SaGa 2
00010001-JC7x 00010001-4a4337xx The Combatribes
00010001-JC8x 00010001-4a4338xx Final Fantasy II
00010001-JCAx 00010001-4a4341xx DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure
00010001-JCBx 00010001-4a4342xx Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
00010001-JCCx 00010001-4a4343xx Kirby Super Star
00010001-JCDx 00010001-4a4344xx Kirby's Dream Land 3
00010001-JCEx 00010001-4a4345xx Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
00010001-JCGx 00010001-4a4347xx Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu
00010001-JCIx 00010001-4a4349xx Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shojo
00010001-JCJx 00010001-4a434axx Super Punch-Out!!
00010001-JCKx 00010001-4a434bxx Space Invaders: The Original Game
00010001-JCLx 00010001-4a434cxx Secret of Mana
00010001-JCMx 00010001-4a434dxx Super Wagan Land
00010001-JCTx 00010001-4a4354xx Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
00010001-JCUx 00010001-4a4355xx Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
00010001-JCVx 00010001-4a4356xx PilotWings
00010001-JCWx 00010001-4a4357xx Super Mario Kart
00010001-JCXx 00010001-4a4358xx Nobunaga's Ambition
00010001-JCYx 00010001-4a4359xx New Horizons
00010001-JCZx 00010001-4a435axx Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf
00010001-JD3x 00010001-4a4433xx Super E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force
00010001-JD4x 00010001-4a4434xx Rival Turf!
00010001-JD5x 00010001-4a4435xx Brawl Brothers
00010001-JD6x 00010001-4a4436xx The Ignition Factor
00010001-JD7x 00010001-4a4437xx Super Adventure Island
00010001-JD8x 00010001-4a4438xx Super Adventure Island II
00010001-JD9x 00010001-4a4439xx Super Bonk
00010001-JDAx 00010001-4a4441xx Final Fantasy III
00010001-JDCx 00010001-4a4443xx Street Fighter Alpha 2
00010001-JDDx 00010001-4a4444xx Final Fight 2
00010001-JDEx 00010001-4a4445xx Final Fight 3
00010001-JDFx 00010001-4a4446xx Sutte Hakkun
00010001-JDIx 00010001-4a4449xx Super Star Wars
00010001-JDJx 00010001-4a444axx Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
00010001-JDLx 00010001-4a444cxx Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
00010001-JDMx 00010001-4a444dxx Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu
00010001-JDNx 00010001-4a444exx Ghoul Patrol
00010001-JDVx 00010001-4a4456xx Wild Guns
00010001-JDWx 00010001-4a4457xx Aero the Acro-Bat
00010001-JDXx 00010001-4a4458xx Aero the Acro-Bat 2
00010001-JDZx 00010001-4a445axx Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
00010001-JEAx 00010001-4a4541xx Natsume Championship Wrestling
00010001-JEBx 00010001-4a4542xx Mega Man X
00010001-JECx 00010001-4a4543xx Chrono Trigger

00010001-Lxxx : Sega Master System

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-LAAx 00010001-4c4141xx Hokuto no Ken (Black Belt)
00010001-LABx 00010001-4c4142xx Fantasy Zone
00010001-LACx 00010001-4c4143xx Wonder Boy
00010001-LADx 00010001-4c4144xx Phantasy Star
00010001-LAEx 00010001-4c4145xx Alex Kidd in Miracle World
00010001-LAFx 00010001-4c4146xx Secret Command
00010001-LAGx 00010001-4c4147xx Sonic the Hedgehog
00010001-LAHx 00010001-4c4148xx Space Harrier
00010001-LAIx 00010001-4c4149xx Enduro Racer
00010001-LAJx 00010001-4c414axx Sonic the Hedgehog 2
00010001-LAKx 00010001-4c414bxx Wonder Boy in Monster Land
00010001-LALx 00010001-4c414cxx Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa
00010001-LAMx 00010001-4c414dxx Sonic Chaos
00010001-LANx 00010001-4c414exx Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
00010001-LAOx 00010001-4c414fxx R-Type
00010001-LAPx 00010001-4c4150xx Wonder Boy III : The Dragon's Trap
00010001-LAQx 00010001-4c4151xx Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

00010001-Mxxx : Sega Genesis

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-MA2x 00010001-4d4132xx Dyna Brothers
00010001-MA3x 00010001-4d4133xx Puyo Puyo 2
00010001-MA4x 00010001-4d4134xx Bahamut Senki
00010001-MA5x 00010001-4d4135xx Rent-A-Hero
00010001-MA6x 00010001-4d4136xx Streets of Rage 2
00010001-MA7x 00010001-4d4137xx Shining in the Darkness
00010001-MA8x 00010001-4d4138xx Ecco the Dolphin II: The Tides of Time
00010001-MA9x 00010001-4d4139xx The Hybrid Front
00010001-MAAx 00010001-4d4141xx Altered Beast
00010001-MABx 00010001-4d4142xx Columns
00010001-MACx 00010001-4d4143xx Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
00010001-MADx 00010001-4d4144xx Ecco the Dolphin
00010001-MAEx 00010001-4d4145xx Golden Axe
00010001-MAFx 00010001-4d4146xx Gunstar Heroes
00010001-MAGx 00010001-4d4147xx Ristar
00010001-MAHx 00010001-4d4148xx Sonic the Hedgehog
00010001-MAIx 00010001-4d4149xx Space Harrier II
00010001-MAJx 00010001-4d414axx ToeJam & Earl
00010001-MAKx 00010001-4d414bxx Shadow Dancer: The Secret of the Shinobi
00010001-MALx 00010001-4d414cxx Bonanza Bros.
00010001-MAMx 00010001-4d414dxx Sword of Vermilion
00010001-MANx 00010001-4d414exx Gain Ground
00010001-MAOx 00010001-4d414fxx Bio-Hazard Battle
00010001-MAPx 00010001-4d4150xx Comix Zone
00010001-MAQx 00010001-4d4151xx Streets of Rage
00010001-MARx 00010001-4d4152xx Beyond Oasis (The Story of Thor)
00010001-MASx 00010001-4d4153xx Vectorman
00010001-MATx 00010001-4d4154xx Sonic Spinball
00010001-MAUx 00010001-4d4155xx Puzzle & Action: Tanto-R
00010001-MAVx 00010001-4d4156xx Wonder Boy in Monster World
00010001-MAWx 00010001-4d4157xx Virtua Fighter 2
00010001-MAXx 00010001-4d4158xx Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
00010001-MAYx 00010001-4d4159xx Alien Storm
00010001-MAZx 00010001-4d415axx ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
00010001-MB2x 00010001-4d4232xx Langrisser
00010001-MB3x 00010001-4d4233xx Monster World IV
00010001-MB4x 00010001-4d4234xx Party Quiz Mega Q
00010001-MB5x 00010001-4d4235xx Langrisser II
00010001-MB6x 00010001-4d4236xx Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
00010001-MB7x 00010001-4d4237xx Mega Turrican
00010001-MB8x 00010001-4d4238xx Phantasy Star II
00010001-MB9x 00010001-4d4239xx Pepen ga Pengo
00010001-MBAx 00010001-4d4241xx Pulseman
00010001-MBBx 00010001-4d4242xx Sonic the Hedgehog 2
00010001-MBCx 00010001-4d4243xx Kid Chameleon
00010001-MBDx 00010001-4d4244xx Golden Axe II
00010001-MBEx 00010001-4d4245xx Shining Force
00010001-MBFx 00010001-4d4246xx Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
00010001-MBGx 00010001-4d4247xx Dynamite Headdy
00010001-MBHx 00010001-4d4248xx Puzzle & Action: Ichi Tanto-R
00010001-MBIx 00010001-4d4249xx Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole
00010001-MBJx 00010001-4d424axx Ghouls 'n Ghosts
00010001-MBKx 00010001-4d424bxx Crack Down
00010001-MBLx 00010001-4d424cxx ESWAT: City Under Siege
00010001-MBMx 00010001-4d424dxx Sonic the Hedgehog 3
00010001-MBNx 00010001-4d424exx Chelnov
00010001-MBOx 00010001-4d424fxx Golden Axe III
00010001-MBPx 00010001-4d4250xx Super Thunder Blade
00010001-MBQx 00010001-4d4251xx Streets of Rage 3
00010001-MBRx 00010001-4d4252xx Rolling Thunder 2
00010001-MBSx 00010001-4d4253xx Dyna Brothers 2 Special
00010001-MBTx 00010001-4d4254xx Alien Soldier
00010001-MBUx 00010001-4d4255xx Sonic 3D Blast (Flickies' Island)
00010001-MBVx 00010001-4d4256xx Assault Suits Leynos (Target Earth)
00010001-MBWx 00010001-4d4257xx Columns III: Revenge of Columns
00010001-MBXx 00010001-4d4258xx Ecco Jr.
00010001-MBYx 00010001-4d4259xx Light Crusader
00010001-MBZx 00010001-4d425axx Eternal Champions
00010001-MC2x 00010001-4d4332xx Earthworm Jim 2
00010001-MCAx 00010001-4d4341xx Gley Lancer
00010001-MCBx 00010001-4d4342xx Powerball
00010001-MCCx 00010001-4d4343xx Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
00010001-MCDx 00010001-4d4344xx Sonic & Knuckles
00010001-MCEx 00010001-4d4345xx Super Fantasy Zone
00010001-MCFx 00010001-4d4346xx Phelios
00010001-MCGx 00010001-4d4347xx Forgotten Worlds
00010001-MCHx 00010001-4d4348xx M.U.S.H.A.
00010001-MCIx 00010001-4d4349xx Gynoug
00010001-MCJx 00010001-4d434axx Splatterhouse 2
00010001-MCKx 00010001-4d434bxx Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
00010001-MCLx 00010001-4d434cxx Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
00010001-MCOx 00010001-4d434fxx Sorcerian
00010001-MCPx 00010001-4d4350xx Earthworm Jim
00010001-MCQx 00010001-4d4351xx Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure
00010001-MCRx 00010001-4d4352xx MERCS: Wolf of the Battlefield
00010001-MCSx 00010001-4d4353xx Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
00010001-MCTx 00010001-4d4354xx Clay Fighter
00010001-MCVx 00010001-4d4356xx Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
00010001-MCWx 00010001-4d4357xx Galaxy Force II
00010001-MCYx 00010001-4d4359xx The Revenge of Shinobi
00010001-MCZx 00010001-4d435axx Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye

00010001-Nxxx : Nintendo 64 Games

Title ID Hex Description Notes
00010001-NA3x 00010001-4e4133xx Bomberman Hero
00010001-NAAx 00010001-4e4141xx Super Mario 64
00010001-NABx 00010001-4e4142xx Mario Kart 64
00010001-NACx 00010001-4e4143xx The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
00010001-NADx 00010001-4e4144xx Star Fox: Lylat Wars
00010001-NAEx 00010001-4e4145xx Paper Mario 64
00010001-NAFx 00010001-4e4146xx F-Zero X
00010001-NAHx 00010001-4e4148xx Yoshi's Story
00010001-NAIx 00010001-4e4149xx Wave Race 64
00010001-NAJx 00010001-4e414axx Sin and Punishment
00010001-NAKx 00010001-4e414bxx Pokémon Snap
00010001-NALx 00010001-4e414cxx Super Smash Bros.
00010001-NAMx 00010001-4e414dxx Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
00010001-NANx 00010001-4e414exx Pokémon Puzzle League
00010001-NAOx 00010001-4e414fxx 1080° Snowboarding
00010001-NAPx 00010001-4e4150xx Custom Robo V2 Japan exclusive
00010001-NARx 00010001-4e4152xx The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
00010001-NASx 00010001-4e4153xx Cruis'n USA
00010001-NATx 00010001-4e4154xx Mario Tennis
00010001-NAUx 00010001-4e4155xx Mario Golf
00010001-NAYx 00010001-4e4159xx Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
00010001-NAZx 00010001-4e415axx Mario Party 2

00010001-Pxxx : TurboGrafx-16

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-PA3x 00010001-504133xx Salamander
00010001-PA4x 00010001-504134xx Parasol Stars
00010001-PA6x 00010001-504136xx Bloody Wolf
00010001-PA7x 00010001-504137xx Alien Crush
00010001-PA8x 00010001-504138xx Ordyne
00010001-PA9x 00010001-504139xx Splatterhouse
00010001-PAAx 00010001-504141xx Bomberman '93
00010001-PABx 00010001-504142xx Bonk's Adventure
00010001-PACx 00010001-504143xx Dungeon Explorer
00010001-PADx 00010001-504144xx R-Type
00010001-PAEx 00010001-504145xx Super Star Soldier
00010001-PAFx 00010001-504146xx Victory Run
00010001-PAGx 00010001-504147xx Bomberman'94
00010001-PAHx 00010001-504148xx Battle Lode Runner
00010001-PAIx 00010001-504149xx New Adventure Island
00010001-PAKx 00010001-50414bxx Dragon's Curse
00010001-PALx 00010001-50414cxx Soldier Blade
00010001-PAMx 00010001-50414dxx Neutopia
00010001-PANx 00010001-50414exx Military Madness
00010001-PAOx 00010001-50414fxx Final Soldier
00010001-PAPx 00010001-504150xx R-Type II Part II
00010001-PAQx 00010001-504151xx Gradius
00010001-PARx 00010001-504152xx Detania!! Twinbee
00010001-PASx 00010001-504153xx Cadash
00010001-PATx 00010001-504154xx KiKi KaiKai
00010001-PAVx 00010001-504156xx Vigilante
00010001-PAWx 00010001-504157xx Galaga '90
00010001-PAYx 00010001-504159xx Valkyrie no Densetsu
00010001-PB2x 00010001-504232xx Neutopia II
00010001-PB3x 00010001-504233xx Devil's Crush
00010001-PB5x 00010001-504235xx Ninja Ryuukenden
00010001-PB6x 00010001-504236xx Cratermaze
00010001-PB8x 00010001-504238xx Blazing Lazers
00010001-PB9x 00010001-504239xx World Sports Competition
00010001-PBAx 00010001-504241xx Dragon Spirit
00010001-PBDx 00010001-504244xx Double Dungeons
00010001-PBEx 00010001-504245xx Moto Roader
00010001-PBHx 00010001-504248xx Bonk's Revenge
00010001-PBIx 00010001-504249xx Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure
00010001-PBJx 00010001-50424axx Samurai Ghost
00010001-PBMx 00010001-50424dxx Legend of Hero Tonma
00010001-PBNx 00010001-50424exx Ninja Spirit
00010001-PBSx 00010001-504253xx Chew Man Fu
00010001-PBTx 00010001-504254xx China Warrior
00010001-PBUx 00010001-504255xx Bravoman
00010001-PBWx 00010001-504257xx Air Zonk
00010001-PBXx 00010001-504258xx Shockman
00010001-PBZx 00010001-50425axx J.J. & Jeff
00010001-PC2x 00010001-504332xx Chase H.Q.
00010001-PCAx 00010001-504341xx Silent Debuggers
00010001-PCBx 00010001-504342xx Dead Moon
00010001-PCDx 00010001-504344xx Appare! Gate Ball
00010001-PCEx 00010001-504345xx Power Golf
00010001-PCHx 00010001-504348xx Drop Off
00010001-PCOx 00010001-50434fxx Psychosis
00010001-PCRx 00010001-504352xx Break In
00010001-PCSx 00010001-504353xx Digital Champ Battle Boxing
00010001-PCVx 00010001-504356xx World Class Baseball
00010001-PCWx 00010001-504357xx Image Fight
00010001-PDAx 00010001-504441xx Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu: PC Bangai Hen
00010001-PDCx 00010001-504443xx Dai Makaimura
00010001-PDDx 00010001-504444xx Volfied
00010001-PDFx 00010001-504446xx Jigoku Meguri
00010001-PDJx 00010001-50444axx Street Fighter II': Champion Edition

00010001-Qxxx : TurboGrafx-CD

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-QA2x 00010001-514132xx Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu: CD Soccer Hen
00010001-QA3x 00010001-514133xx SimEarth: The Living Planet
00010001-QA4x 00010001-514134xx Super Darius
00010001-QA6x 00010001-514136xx Super Darius II
00010001-QA7x 00010001-514137xx Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu
00010001-QA8x 00010001-514138xx Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform Project
00010001-QA9x 00010001-514139xx Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu II
00010001-QAAx 00010001-514141xx Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise
00010001-QABx 00010001-514142xx Ys: Book I & II
00010001-QACx 00010001-514143xx Cho Aniki
00010001-QADx 00010001-514144xx Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou
00010001-QAFx 00010001-514146xx The Dynastic Hero
00010001-QAGx 00010001-514147xx Gate of Thunder
00010001-QAJx 00010001-51414axx Image Fight II
00010001-QAKx 00010001-51414bxx Ai Cho Aniki
00010001-QALx 00010001-51414cxx The Atlas: Renaissance Voyager
00010001-QANx 00010001-51414exx Neo Nectaris
00010001-QAOx 00010001-51414fxx Dungeon Explorer II
00010001-QAPx 00010001-514150xx Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
00010001-QAQx 00010001-514151xx Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu
00010001-QASx 00010001-514153xx Lords of Thunder
00010001-QATx 00010001-514154xx Riot Zone
00010001-QAUx 00010001-514155xx Monster Lair
00010001-QAWx 00010001-514157xx Star Parodier
00010001-QAXx 00010001-514158xx Martial Champion
00010001-QAYx 00010001-514159xx Seirei Senshi Spriggan
00010001-QBAx 00010001-514241xx L・Dis
00010001-QBBx 00010001-514242xx Fighting Street

00010001-Wxxx : WiiWare

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-W2Cx 00010001-573243xx Brain Challenge
00010001-W2Kx 00010001-57324bxx Let's Catch
00010001-W2Tx 00010001-573254xx Drill Sergeant Mindstrong
00010001-W34x 00010001-573334xx @SIMPLE Series Vol. 4: The Misshitsu kara no Dasshutsu
00010001-W3Dx 00010001-573344xx 3°C
00010001-W3Mx 00010001-57334dxx The Three Musketeers: One For All!
00010001-W42x 00010001-573432xx F·O·R·T·U·N·E: Hoshi no Furi Sosogu Oka
00010001-W48x 00010001-573438xx ShadowPlay
00010001-W4Kx 00010001-57344bxx Shika Gari
00010001-W4Ox 00010001-57344fxx Shikakui Atama wo Maru Kusuru: Mainichi Minna no Challenge Hen
00010001-W4Tx 00010001-573454xx Spaceball Revolution
00010001-W54x 00010001-573534xx 5 Spots Party
00010001-W6Bx 00010001-573642xx Eco Shooter: Plant 530
00010001-W82x 00010001-573832xx Jintori Action! Taikokenchi: Karakuri Shiro no Nazo
00010001-W8Cx 00010001-573843xx BIT.TRIP CORE
00010001-W8Dx 00010001-573844xx Mebius Drive
00010001-W8Ix 00010001-573849xx Hachiwan Diver Wii
00010001-W8Px 00010001-573850xx Ouchi de Mugen Puchi Puchi
00010001-W8Xx 00010001-573858xx Battle Poker
00010001-W9Ix 00010001-573949xx Evasive Space
00010001-W9Lx 00010001-57394cxx Copter Crisis
00010001-WA2x 00010001-574132xx Magnetica Twist
00010001-WA4x 00010001-574134xx Asobu Made in Ore
00010001-WA7x 00010001-574137xx Toribash
00010001-WANx 00010001-57414exx Ant Nation
00010001-WAOx 00010001-57414fxx Harapeko Aomushi no ABC
00010001-WAQx 00010001-574151xx Yakuman Wii
00010001-WARx 00010001-574152xx Tsuushin Taikyoku: Igo Dojo 2700-Mon
00010001-WASx 00010001-574153xx Tsuushin Taikyoku: Hayazashi Shougi 3
00010001-WAUx 00010001-574155xx Tsuushin Taikyoku: World Chess
00010001-WAZx 00010001-57415axx Amazing Brain Train!
00010001-WB2x 00010001-574232xx Strong Bad 4: Dangeresque 3
00010001-WB3x 00010001-574233xx Strong Bad 5: 8-Bit Is Enough
00010001-WB4x 00010001-574234xx Wild West Guns
00010001-WB5x 00010001-574235xx Block Breaker Deluxe
00010001-WB6x 00010001-574236xx TV Show King
00010001-WB7x 00010001-574237xx Midnight Pool
00010001-WB8x 00010001-574238xx Midnight Bowling
00010001-WBAx 00010001-574241xx Bakutan
00010001-WBBx 00010001-574242xx Snowboard Riot
00010001-WBEx 00010001-574245xx Frat Party Games: Pong Toss
00010001-WBGx 00010001-574247xx Bang Attack
00010001-WBIx 00010001-574249xx Boingz
00010001-WBJx 00010001-57424axx Harvest Moon: My Little Shop
00010001-WBKx 00010001-57424bxx Arkanoid Plus
00010001-WBLx 00010001-57424cxx Bubble Bobble Plus!
00010001-WBMx 00010001-57424dxx My Pokémon Ranch
00010001-WBNx 00010001-57424exx Bonsai Barber
00010001-WBOx 00010001-57424fxx Gravitronix
00010001-WBPx 00010001-574250xx Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint
00010001-WBQx 00010001-574251xx Star Soldier R
00010001-WBSx 00010001-574253xx POP
00010001-WBVx 00010001-574256xx SPOGS Racing
00010001-WBWx 00010001-574257xx Critter Round-up
00010001-WBXx 00010001-574258xx Strong Bad 1: Homestar Ruiner
00010001-WBYx 00010001-574259xx Strong Bad 2: Strong Badia the Free
00010001-WBZx 00010001-57425axx Strong Bad 3: Baddest of the Bands
00010001-WC2x 00010001-574332xx Crystal Defenders R2
00010001-WC6x 00010001-574336xx Chronos Twins Dx
00010001-WCIx 00010001-574349xx Crystal Defenders R1
00010001-WCJx 00010001-57434axx Cocoto Platform Jumper
00010001-WCNx 00010001-57434exx Tokyo City Nights
00010001-WCOx 00010001-57434fxx Cocoto Fishing Master
00010001-WCPx 00010001-574350xx Christmas Clix
00010001-WCRx 00010001-574352xx Carnival King
00010001-WCSx 00010001-574353xx Cue Sports: Pool Revolution
00010001-WCUx 00010001-574355xx 3-2-1, Rattle Battle!
00010001-WCZx 00010001-57435axx ColorZ
00010001-WD2x 00010001-574432xx @SIMPLE Series Vol. 2: The Number Puzzle Neo
00010001-WD9x 00010001-574439xx Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
00010001-WDAx 00010001-574441xx Darts Wii
00010001-WDBx 00010001-574442xx Derby Dog
00010001-WDFx 00010001-574446xx Defend Your Castle
00010001-WDHx 00010001-574448xx Art Style: ROTOHEX
00010001-WDIx 00010001-574449xx @SIMPLE series Vol. 1: The Block Kuzushi Neo
00010001-WDMx 00010001-57444dxx Dr. Mario Online Rx
00010001-WDNx 00010001-57444exx Discipline
00010001-WDOx 00010001-57444fxx Driift Mania
00010001-WDPx 00010001-574450xx Dr. Mario Online Rx: Friend Battle Demo
00010001-WDRx 00010001-574452xx Mr. Driller W
00010001-WDSx 00010001-574453xx Dragon Master Spell Caster
00010001-WE6x 00010001-574536xx SEA FARM: Iruka to Watashi Showtime
00010001-WE9x 00010001-574539xx Alien Crush Returns
00010001-WEDx 00010001-574544xx Eduardo the Samurai Toaster
00010001-WEMx 00010001-57454dxx "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game
00010001-WEQx 00010001-574551xx Equilibrio
00010001-WERx 00010001-574552xx My Aquarium
00010001-WETx 00010001-574554xx PictureBook Games: Pop-Up Pursuit
00010001-WEVx 00010001-574556xx Peakvox Escape Virus
00010001-WF2x 00010001-574632xx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
00010001-WF4x 00010001-574634xx Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
00010001-WF5x 00010001-574635xx Family Card Games
00010001-WFAx 00010001-574641xx Fast Draw Showdown
00010001-WFBx 00010001-574642xx Sandy Beach
00010001-WFCx 00010001-574643xx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
00010001-WFFx 00010001-574646xx Fun! Fun! Minigolf
00010001-WFGx 00010001-574647xx Frogger Returns
00010001-WFIx 00010001-574649xx Reel Fishing Challenge
00010001-WFKx 00010001-57464bxx Family Kart
00010001-WFMx 00010001-57464dxx Family & Friends Party
00010001-WFPx 00010001-574650xx Hirameki Card Battle: Mekuruka
00010001-WFSx 00010001-574653xx Minna no Theater Wii
00010001-WFTx 00010001-574654xx Fish'em All!
00010001-WG2x 00010001-574732xx Sugarbunnies Wii: Welcome to Bunnies' Field
00010001-WGDx 00010001-574744xx Gradius ReBirth
00010001-WGMx 00010001-57474dxx Game Sound Station
00010001-WGOx 00010001-57474fxx World of Goo
00010001-WGSx 00010001-574753xx Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney
00010001-WGUx 00010001-574755xx Aero Guitar
00010001-WGVx 00010001-574756xx Groovin' Blocks
00010001-WGYx 00010001-574759xx GyroStarr
00010001-WH3x 00010001-574833xx Home Sweet Home
00010001-WHEx 00010001-574845xx Heracles: Chariot Racing
00010001-WHHx 00010001-574848xx Full Blast Hitchhike
00010001-WHOx 00010001-57484fxx Hockey Allstar Shootout
00010001-WHPx 00010001-574850xx Sexy Poker
00010001-WHRx 00010001-574852xx Heron : Steam Machine
00010001-WHUx 00010001-574855xx Ghost Mansion Party
00010001-WHVx 00010001-574856xx High Voltage Hot Rod Show
00010001-WHXx 00010001-574858xx Helix
00010001-WIBx 00010001-574942xx Bittos+
00010001-WICx 00010001-574943xx NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
00010001-WIEx 00010001-574945xx Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3
00010001-WIGx 00010001-574947xx Incoming!
00010001-WILx 00010001-57494cxx Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1
00010001-WINx 00010001-57494exx The Incredible Maze
00010001-WISx 00010001-574953xx Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2
00010001-WITx 00010001-574954xx "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game
00010001-WIVx 00010001-574956xx Space Invaders Get Even
00010001-WIYx 00010001-574959xx Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 4
00010001-WJGx 00010001-574a47xx Jinsei Game
00010001-WJSx 00010001-574a53xx Jungle Speed
00010001-WK2x 00010001-574b32xx Kappa-kun no Ota to Shimikai
00010001-WK3x 00010001-574b33xx Kappa-kun to 3 Biki no Koneko
00010001-WK9x 00010001-574b39xx Minna de Asobou: Koinu de Kururin
00010001-WKBx 00010001-574b42xx You, Me, and the Cubes
00010001-WKDx 00010001-574b44xx Pirates: The Key of Dreams
00010001-WKEx 00010001-574b45xx Raku Raku Kinen Appli Wii
00010001-WKHx 00010001-574b48xx Big Kahuna Party
00010001-WKKx 00010001-574b4bxx Party Fun Pirate
00010001-WKPx 00010001-574b50xx Kappa-kun to Mori no Nakamatachi
00010001-WKQx 00010001-574b51xx Kentei TV Wii
00010001-WKRx 00010001-574b52xx Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory
00010001-WKTx 00010001-574b54xx Contra ReBirth
00010001-WLEx 00010001-574c45xx Learning with The PooYoos: Episode 1
00010001-WLGx 00010001-574c47xx HB Arcade Cards
00010001-WLKx 00010001-574c4bxx Rikachan's Fashion House
00010001-WLLx 00010001-574c4cxx Little Tournament Over Yonder
00010001-WLOx 00010001-574c4fxx LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
00010001-WLPx 00010001-574c50xx LONPOS
00010001-WLTx 00010001-574c54xx LIT
00010001-WLWx 00010001-574c57xx LostWinds
00010001-WM8x 00010001-574d38xx Bomberman Blast
00010001-WM9x 00010001-574d39xx Happy Hammerin'
00010001-WMBx 00010001-574d42xx Maboshi's Arcade
00010001-WMDx 00010001-574d44xx MadStone
00010001-WMGx 00010001-574d47xx Mart Racer
00010001-WMLx 00010001-574d4cxx Major League Eating: The Game
00010001-WMMx 00010001-574d4dxx Muscle March
00010001-WMOx 00010001-574d4fxx Moki Moki
00010001-WMPx 00010001-574d50xx Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan Wii
00010001-WNEx 00010001-574e45xx Penguins & Friends: Hey! That's My Fish!
00010001-WNKx 00010001-574e4bxx Niki - Rock 'n' Ball
00010001-WNPx 00010001-574e50xx Sugu Suro Duo: New Pulsar R&V
00010001-WNVx 00010001-574e56xx NEVES Plus
00010001-WNWx 00010001-574e57xx NEVES Plus Returns
00010001-WO6x 00010001-574f36xx Family Pirate Party
00010001-WOAx 00010001-574f41xx Family Glide Hockey
00010001-WOBx 00010001-574f42xx Art Style: ORBIENT
00010001-WODx 00010001-574f44xx Order!
00010001-WOEx 00010001-574f45xx Oekaki Logic
00010001-WOGx 00010001-574f47xx Family Mini Golf
00010001-WOKx 00010001-574f4bxx Karaoke Joysound Wii
00010001-WOSx 00010001-574f53xx Family Slot Car Racing
00010001-WOTx 00010001-574f54xx Overturn: Mecha Wars
00010001-WOYx 00010001-574f59xx Bit Boy!!
00010001-WOZx 00010001-574f5axx Kodomo Kyooiku Terebi Wii Aiue Oomuzu
00010001-WP2x 00010001-575032xx Potpourrii
00010001-WP9x 00010001-575039xx Pokers Wii
00010001-WPAx 00010001-575041xx Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan
00010001-WPBx 00010001-575042xx Pub Darts
00010001-WPCx 00010001-575043xx Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!
00010001-WPDx 00010001-575044xx Chindouchou!! Pole no Daibouken
00010001-WPFx 00010001-575046xx Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Susume! Honoo no Boukendan
00010001-WPHx 00010001-575048xx Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan
00010001-WPIx 00010001-575049xx Pit Crew Panic!
00010001-WPKx 00010001-57504bxx Texas Hold'em Poker
00010001-WPLx 00010001-57504cxx Planet Pachinko
00010001-WPNx 00010001-57504exx Ponjan Wii
00010001-WPOx 00010001-57504fxx Popple to Mahou no Crayon
00010001-WPPx 00010001-575050xx Family Table Tennis
00010001-WPQx 00010001-575051xx Protöthea
00010001-WPRx 00010001-575052xx Art Style: CUBELLO
00010001-WPSx 00010001-575053xx Pokémon Rumble
00010001-WPUx 00010001-575055xx Bust-a-Move Plus!
00010001-WPXx 00010001-575058xx Minna de Tobikome! Penguin Diving: Hooper Looper
00010001-WPZx 00010001-57505axx Bruiser and Scratch
00010001-WQ4x 00010001-575134xx Kentoshi: Furi Furi Boxing
00010001-WR9x 00010001-575239xx Mega Man 9
00010001-WRDx 00010001-575244xx Word Searcher
00010001-WRIx 00010001-575249xx Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure
00010001-WRXx 00010001-575258xx Mega Man 10
00010001-WS2x 00010001-575332xx Saikyou Ginsei Igo
00010001-WS3x 00010001-575333xx Silver Star Chess
00010001-WS4x 00010001-575334xx Saikyou Ginsei Mahjongg
00010001-WS5x 00010001-575335xx Saikyou Ginsei Gomoku Narabe
00010001-WS6x 00010001-575336xx Silver Star Reversi
00010001-WS8x 00010001-575338xx Minna de Taisen Puzzle: Shanghai Wii
00010001-WS9x 00010001-575339xx Sudoku Challenge!
00010001-WSAx 00010001-575341xx Onslaught
00010001-WSBx 00010001-575342xx Sorcery Blade
00010001-WSCx 00010001-575343xx Out of Galaxy: Gin no Koushika
00010001-WSEx 00010001-575345xx Princess Ai Monogatari
00010001-WSGx 00010001-575347xx Pop 'Em, Drop 'Em SameGame
00010001-WSIx 00010001-575349xx Saikyou Ginsei Shougi
00010001-WSLx 00010001-57534cxx Shadow Walker: Boy of Shadow, Fairy of Light
00010001-WSMx 00010001-57534dxx Eat! Fat! FIGHT!
00010001-WSTx 00010001-575354xx Tenshi no Solitaire
00010001-WSUx 00010001-575355xx Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem
00010001-WSWx 00010001-575357xx Swords & Soldiers
00010001-WT2x 00010001-575432xx Target Toss Pro: Bags
00010001-WT3x 00010001-575433xx Tomena Sanner Wii
00010001-WT8x 00010001-575438xx Hajiite! Block Rush
00010001-WTBx 00010001-575442xx Fantastic Tambourine
00010001-WTDx 00010001-575444xx Tomy Drive Shutsudou! Kinkyuu Sharyou Hen
00010001-WTIx 00010001-575449xx Tiki Towers
00010001-WTMx 00010001-57544dxx Adventure Island: The Beginning
00010001-WTNx 00010001-57544exx Family Tennis
00010001-WTPx 00010001-575450xx Tetris Party
00010001-WTRx 00010001-575452xx BIT.TRIP BEAT
00010001-WTTx 00010001-575454xx Toki Tori
00010001-WTXx 00010001-575458xx Texas Hold'em Tournament
00010001-WUHx 00010001-575548xx Wii de Ultra Hand
00010001-WUKx 00010001-57554bxx Unou Kids: Okigaru Unou Training
00010001-WUNx 00010001-57554exx UNO
00010001-WVBx 00010001-575642xx BIT.TRIP VOID
00010001-WVCx 00010001-575643xx V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
00010001-WVDx 00010001-575644xx Kodomo Kyoiku Terebi Wii: Aiue Ochan
00010001-WVKx 00010001-57564bxx Water Warfare
00010001-WVOx 00010001-57564fxx Rock N’ Roll Climber
00010001-WWRx 00010001-575752xx Excitebike: World Rally
00010001-WYKx 00010001-57594bxx Yomi Kikase Asobi Wii
00010001-WYMx 00010001-57594dxx Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam
00010001-WZHx 00010001-575a48xx My Zoo
00010001-WZJx 00010001-575a4axx @SIMPLE Series Vol. 5: The Judo
00010001-WZMx 00010001-575a4dxx @SIMPLE Series Vol. 3: The Mahjongg
00010001-WRUx 00010001-575255xx BIT.TRIP RUNNER

00010001-Xxxx : MSX

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-XAAx 00010001-584141xx Eggy
00010001-XABx 00010001-584142xx Aleste
00010001-XADx 00010001-584144xx Yie Ar Kung-Fu II
00010001-XAEx 00010001-584145xx Space Manbow
00010001-XAFx 00010001-584146xx Metal Gear
00010001-XAGx 00010001-584147xx Road Fighter
00010001-XAHx 00010001-584148xx Yumetairiku Adventure
00010001-XAIx 00010001-584149xx Quarth
00010001-XAKx 00010001-58414bxx Parodius: Tako wa Chikyu wo Suku
00010001-XALx 00010001-58414cxx Contra
00010001-XAMx 00010001-58414dxx Majou Densetsu
00010001-XANx 00010001-58414exx Gradius 2
00010001-XAPx 00010001-584150xx Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
00010001-XAQx 00010001-584151xx Salamander

00010001-Xxxx : WiiWare - Demos

Title ID Hex Description
00010001-XHAx 00010001-584841xx Pokémon Rumble
00010001-XHBx 00010001-584842xx Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan
00010001-XHCx 00010001-584843xx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
00010001-XHDx 00010001-584844xx NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
00010001-XHEx 00010001-584845xx BIT.TRIP BEAT
00010001-XHFx 00010001-584846xx World of Goo

00010002: System channels

These channels cannot be uninstalled using the Wii's data management. They can however be removed with AnyTitle Deleter.

Title ID Hex Description
00010002-HAAA 00010002-48414141 Photo Channel
00010002-HABA 00010002-48414241 Wii Shop Channel
00010002-HABK 00010002-4841424B Wii Shop Channel (Korean Wii)
00010002-HACA 00010002-48414341 Mii Channel
00010002-HACK 00010002-4841434B Mii Channel (Korean Wii)
00010002-HAFA 00010002-48414641 Forecast Channel dummy
00010002-HAFx 00010002-484146xx Forecast Channel
00010002-HAGA 00010002-48414741 News Channel dummy
00010002-HAGx 00010002-484147xx News Channel
00010002-HAYA 00010002-48415941 Photo Channel 1.1
00010002-HAYK 00010002-4841594B Photo Channel 1.1 (Korean Wii)

00070002: vWii system channels

Title ID Hex Description
00070002-HABA 00070002-48414241 Wii Shop Channel
00070002-HACA 00070002-48414341 Mii Channel
00070002-HCTx 00070002-484154xx Wii System Transfer
00070002-HCUx 00070002-484155xx Wii Electronic Manual
00070002-HCVA 00070002-48435641 Wii U Menu

00010004: Game channels and games that use them

These IDs are used for game channels. These channels are installed by games which themselves use the 00010004 category. The actual ID is generally the same as the game that installs it.

Title ID Hex Description
00010004-RFNx 00010004-52464exx Wii Fit Channel
00010004-RFPx 00010004-524650xx Wii Fit Plus Channel
00010004-RMCx 00010004-524d43xx Mario Kart Channel
00010004-RGWX[check] 00010004-52475758[check] Rabbids Channel

00010005: Downloaded Game Content

I.e The aditional content from FFCC:My Life As A King falls into this catergory.

Title ID Hex Description
00010005-r9Jx 00010005-72394axx The Beatles: Rock Band DLC
00010005-sc7x 00010005-734337xx Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC
00010005-sWAx 00010005-735741xx DJ Hero DLC
00010005-sXAx 00010005-735841xx Guitar Hero World Tour DLC
00010005-sXEx 00010005-735845xx Guitar Hero 5 DLC
00010005-sXGx 00010005-735847xx Guitar Hero Smash Hits DLC
00010005-sZCx 00010005-735a43xx Rock Band 2 DLC
00010005-w4Tx 00010005-773454xx Spaceball Revolution DLC
00010005-w9Lx 00010005-77394cxx Copter Crisis DLC
00010005-wBJx 00010005-77424axx Harvest Moon: My Little Shop DLC
00010005-wBKx 00010005-77424bxx Arkanoid Plus DLC
00010005-wBLx 00010005-77424cxx Bubble Bobble Plus! DLC
00010005-wE6x 00010005-774536xx My Dolphin DLC
00010005-wF2x 00010005-774632xx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A Darklord DLC
00010005-wF4x 00010005-774634xx Final Fantasy IV - The After Years DLC
00010005-wF5x 00010005-774635xx Family Card Games DLC
00010005-wFCx 00010005-774643xx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King DLC
00010005-wGSx 00010005-774753xx Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DLC
00010005-wIVx 00010005-774956xx Space Invaders Get Even DLC
00010005-wLPx 00010005-774c50xx Lonpos DLC
00010005-wM4x 00010005-774d3450 Mix Superstar DLC
00010005-wO6x 00010005-774f36xx Family Pirate Party DLC
00010005-wOGx 00010005-774f47xx Family Mini Golf DLC
00010005-wPUx 00010005-775055xx Bust-A-Move Plus! DLC
00010005-wR9x 00010005-775239xx Mega Man 9 DLC
00010005-wRXx 00010005-775258xx Mega Man 10 DLC
00010005-wZHx 00010005-775a48xx My Zoo DLC
00010005-sTGx 00010005-735447xx Tales of Graces DLC (Only for Japan-4A region)

00010008: Hidden channels

These channels are not directly accessible through the main Channel Selection screen.

Title ID Hex Description
00010008-HAKx 00010008-48414bxx EULA
00010008-HALx 00010008-48414cxx rgnsel
00010008-HCCJ 00010008-4843434A Set Personal Data Channel

00070008: vWii hidden channels

Title ID Hex Description
00070008-HALx 00070008-48414cxx rgnsel
00070008-HCZx 00070008-48435Axx Wii System Transfer