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This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

I got code running under the SDK* by loading the Mii Channel v6 NAND Boot Program into memory.

*Except I couldn’t get the r13 global table to load properly.

My discord name is @Hallowiizer#1849.

I often screw up basic code. Nintendo even tried to hire me once because they admire my bad code.

I'm currently monitoring IPC messages from the Broadway using a mod of Dolphin.

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Mega Deletion Award!

This Admin has successfully beaten the crap out of many,
many articles in rapid succession. Fear them greatly.

HackMii Installer

A while back, I tried to run the HackMii Installer in Dolphin; I was recently informed that it now sort of works, but I have turned by attention to the SDK now.