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Hey! I'm ThatSkynyrdKid70. I first modded my Wii in summer of 2016. Since then I've installed plenty of apps, and also discovered the magic of Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24. Don't know much about coding, so don't expect to see a Homebrew app from me anytime soon. lol

I make charts for GuitarsOnFire. Links are below. You can suggest a song for me to chart on my talk page.

I also helped test Newo Fox, which is a pretty cool game if you wanna play it.

My GuitarsOnFire charts (with download links)


Artist Song Status Video Preview
Fozzy Spider In My Mouth (my first chart, 2017) Completed, available for download No
Korn Trash Completed, available for download Not yet
Van Halen The Seventh Seal In progress
Metallica Slither Planned
Unparalleled Height Fortress of Fire Planned
Alestorm Magnetic North Planned
Trivium Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis Planned

My favorite Homebrew apps

Newo Escape

Elongated Reptile




Random section

Uh, okay then?

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