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Wii Signer
TypePC utility

Wii Signer is a simple PC Utility that lets you fakesign Wii tickets and TMDs. At present, this program is fully capable of packing/unpacking a WAD, and decrypting the app files.

WII SIGNER HAS BEEN MOVED TO PYTHON! You need to download Python to use this.



Resign Wii Tickets
Resign Wii TMD's
Auto-Fix Filesize
Auto-Fix SHA-1 Hash


View TMD (allows you to view all records in a TMD in a table format)
GUI via Glade/GTK


The real power of this program comes in using it interactively (which, if you have used python before, you probably already know how to do). However, there are a few useful options that can be invoked at the command line:

-o, --output: override the output file/directory's name,
-f, --file: a wad to unpack into a directory,
-d, --directory: a directory to pack into a wad,
-u, --update: a directory to look for a TMD and app files, then write correct SHA-1 hashes and filesizes into the TMD and fakesign it (use -o to not overwrite the old TMD)