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2.0 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 19, 2006

JAP Flag.png December 2, 2006

EUR Flag.png December 7, 2006
System Menu IOSIOS11
New IOSIOS11, IOS12, IOS13
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Version History
Preceded by1.0
Succeeded by2.1 (Europe only)
2.2|2.1]] (Europe only)

2.0 was a "day 1 update" for the Wii that activated common features, and the first System Menu that had major region differences; the only region differences in System Menu 1.0 was a bug where the U region loaded channels faster, a bug with AOSS that was fixed in IOS10, and that there was region-specific code to download the correct update.


November 19, 2006 (rev01)

  • Ability to read/write data on an SD card
  • Addition of "Country Settings" option
  • Addition of "System Update" option (previously, updates could only be done by performing a connection test)
  • Ability to arrange downloaded channels on the Wii Menu
  • Ability to set "parental controls" to restrict online activities
  • News Channel and Forecast Channel "Enter Settings" buttons have been replaced with "Update" buttons.
  • Updated BC and MIOS
  • Switched NUS connections to HTTPS[check]

November 30, 2006 (rev02)

December 19, 2006 (rev03)

  • Activated the functionality of the Forecast Channel, as data had not been sent to it before this point

January 26, 2007 (rev04)

  • Activated the News Channel in a similar method to that of the Forecast Channel

February 13, 2007 (rev05)