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3.0 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png August 06, 2007

JAP Flag.png August 06, 2007

EUR Flag.png August 06, 2007
Version History
Preceded by2.2
Succeeded by3.1


August 06, 2007

  • Version 3.0: Added AOSS support for networking, fixed bugs in the Wii LAN Adapter, disabled several modchips and other boot devices, and updated the Wii Shop Channel, Wii Menu, and Message Board.

If you have a System Menu below 3.2 and wish to upgrade, use AnyRegion Changer to update to 3.2.

WARNING: Be advised that if your system is shipped with 4.0 preinstalled, you can not downgrade and will brick your console.

If you have a System Menu above 3.2 and wish to downgrade, AnyRegion Changer can do this too, and it appears to do a more thorough job than some other tools. See WiiBrew:FAQ#Downgrading?.