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{{Infobox system menu
{{Infobox system menu
|builddate      = Unknown
|builddate      = Unknown
|reldateusa      = Unknown
|reldateusa      = September 28, 2009
|reldatejap      = Unknown
|reldatejap      = Unknown
|reldateeur      = Unknown
|reldateeur      = Unknown

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System Menu 4.2
Date history
Build dateUnknown
Release dateUSA Flag.png September 28, 2009

JAP Flag.png Unknown

EUR Flag.png Unknown

KOR Flag.png Unknown
System Menu IOSIOS70
Version History
Preceded bySystem Menu 4.1

Version 4.2 of the System Menu was released on September 28, 2009. It currently removes the Homebrew Channel, BootMii, all cIOS versions, and BaNNeRBoMB. DO NOT UPDATE.


  • Deletes most homebrew
  • Now uses a new IOS: IOS70


All information on the "New System Menu Version" message is unknown as of yet.