vWii 2.0.0

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vWii 2.0.0
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 18, 2012

JAP Flag.png December 7, 2012

EUR Flag.png November 29, 2012
System Menu IOSIOS80
Wiimpersonator log (U)
Wiimpersonator initial scan (E)
Wiimpersonator initial scan (J)
Ninupdates initial scan
Version History
Preceded by1.0.0
Major revision1.0.0
Succeeded by2.1.0

vWii 2.0.0 was an update that changed the Wii Electronic Manual and BC-NAND.

Wii Electronic Manual changes

The displayed manual ID was changed from RVL-N-HCUE-USZ to RVL-N-HCUE-USZ-1.

1. About the Wii Menu

  • Rephrased notice about using Wiimote or Wiimote Plus to say that "Wii Remote" refers to either.

2. Transferring Data

  • Mentioned that a Nintendo Network ID is required for system transfer.
  • Rephrased free space warning to say 512MB needs to be free instead of the capacity simply being 512MB.
  • Added a warning about the country of both consoles needing to match the NNID's country

3. Playing Wii Discs

  • Minor rephrase in step 1 (added the word "and")
  • Changed font size of bullet points
  • Added a warning that some features may not work in all apps (because they are in the statically-linked SDK or in newer IOS branches)

4. Mii Channel

  • Bullet points are smaller
  • Changed the phrase "to enter a nickname" to "to enter more information about the Mii character"
  • Changed "Creator Name" in the header to "Mii Creator"
  • Changed "Mii-compatible software" to "software that is compatible with Mii characters"

5. Wii Shop Channel

  • Bullet points are smaller
  • Added a warning about a Nintendo Network ID being required
  • Added a warning about when the Wii Shop Channel cannot be used
  • Rephrased the "How to Use the Wii Shop Channel" section

6. HOME Menu

  • Replaced "(see note)" with asterisks
  • Replaced asterisk and double asterisk with more colored asterisk and cross
  • Removed claims about Wiimotes requiring reconnection when returning to the System Menu or starting a game

7. SD Card Menu

  • Bullet points are smaller
  • Made "system memory" lowercase

8. Data Management

  • Bullet points are smaller
  • Adjusted margins
  • Clarified what "USB storage devices" means

9. Wii Message Board

  • Bullet points are smaller

12. Troubleshooting

  • Certain bullet points are smaller
  • Mentioned that Miis can be used in Wii U games if they are transferred out using Mii Maker
  • Added a diagram for Nunchuk and Classic Controller
  • Made "system memory" lowercase

13. Legal Notices

  • Removed information about Dolby
  • Added more spacing toward the top where Dolby information used to be