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3.2rev03 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png March 22, 2008

JAP Flag.png March 22, 2008

EUR Flag.png April 5, 2008
HackMii post
Wiimpersonator log (U)
tmbinc's response
Version History
Preceded by3.2rev02
Major revision3.2
Succeeded by3.2rev04

The 3.2rev03 update added a single title, IOS37, to the Wii. This was the first fix to the signing bug, although the System Menu was not updated to use IOS37. However, many people began to panic due to the lack of knowledge of how IOS works.

The intention of this update is unknown, although it may have been to discourage Datel from releasing their Freeloader outside PAL regions, as it could cause bricks without voiding console warranty.

This update has also led to quite a few applications being developed to prevent the update from causing problems, most of which were completely pointless[1]. However, some, such as PatchMii and Menuloader, did everything safely and benefitted homebrew.

Build date

Interestingly, IOS37's build date seems to be before Trucha Signer was released.[2] While it may seem like Nintendo/BroadOn found the exploit on their own, they also messed with the build date on IOS30 in 3.3 to make their ES fix look like it belongs in IOSP. This was also most likely Nintendo trying to scare the homebrewers by manually changing the build date.

Alternatively, IOS37 may have been built with WiiWare games in mind, and the signing bug fix was added last-minute after Freeloader released, without time to update the build tag.


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