VWii 1.0.0

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VWii 1.0.0 update
Date history
Build dateNovember 2012 [check]
Release dateUSA Flag.png November 18, 2012

JAP Flag.png December 8, 2012

EUR Flag.png November 30, 2012
System Menu IOSIOS80
CDN-updated IOS80 [check]
Version History
Preceded by4.3

System Menu 4.3-U is the System Menu present in the vWii. It is labeled identically to System Menu 4.3, however, it contains additional security measures. It also cannot be installed on normal Wiis.


Affected homebrew

Affected Effect Workaround
LetterBomb Doesn't work Smash Stack, Indiana Pwns, bathaxx, Return of the Jodi, Eri HaKawai, Wuphax or CompatInstaller
BootMii Does not work None
Homebrew Channel Removed by the System Menu and checked for signatures HackMii Installer v1.1 and newer (New title id to circumvent its deletion by System Menu v4.3-U and an Ancast Image bypass loader)