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3.3rev03 update
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png October 23, 2008

JAP Flag.png October 23, 2008

EUR Flag.png October 23, 2008
CDN-added IOSIOS4, IOS9, IOS10, IOS14, IOS22, IOS28, IOS36
CDN-updated IOSIOS11, IOS12, IOS13, IOS15, IOS17, IOS20, IOS21, IOS28, IOS33, IOS34, IOS35
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Wiimpersonator log (U)
Version History
Preceded by3.3rev02
Major revision3.3
Succeeded by3.4

The 3.3rev03 update brought along various IOS updates, along with a Wii Shop Channel update. Almost all versions of IOS had IOS37's fix for the signing bug applied to them, just as System Menu 3.3 fixed it in IOS30 and IOS31. Old System Menu IOS versions not used by any games were also stubbed to save space.

This was the first homebrew-affecting update that did not update the System Menu, which led to some confusion about this being System Menu 3.4 or "System Menu 3.3 (Version 2)." While the real 3.4 was released a few weeks later, this update is still distinct.

All modules updated in this version (ES, FS, IOSP, and SDI) were given $IOSVersion version tags, which probably means the code itself was reorganized with IOS28 and became the only method of updating older IOSes. Modules that were not updated did not receive $IOSVersion tags.


  • Stubbed IOS4, IOS10, IOS11, and IOS20
  • Fixed signing bug in all IOSes that did not have it fixed (except IOS16)
    • Added permission checks to /dev/flash and ES_DiVerify in this set of IOSes
    • Added RVL-CPU-20 compatibility in these IOSes
    • Updated SDI; this is only known because an $IOSVersion tag for SDI was added in this version. Nothing else is known about this update.
  • IOS36 has been replaced with a copy of IOS35
    • WD in modular IOSes has been updated to a version from August 2008, possibly for compatibility in IOS35 and IOS36
  • The NAND Boot Program in IOS15 and IOS21 is no longer booted when launching the Internet Channel due to standardization of the ES module in monolithic IOSes
    • The NAND Boot Program itself is still present, but not referenced.
    • This means the old Internet Channel DEP no longer exists
    • Because of this change, the Starlet binary in IOS15 now only differs from IOS14 in the NCD version global and the SSL process ID (which was changed when the Internet Channel patch was added), and some unused ELF padding
  • Updated Wii Shop Channel
    • Added IOS51, with above changes
    • Added region checks

Compatibility with Wii homebrew

These updates are on every game disc whose update partition includes System Menu 3.4 or later.

Stub variant

3.3rev03 introduced the first four stub IOSes, all of which had identical code. They were all size 245760, and were built by yasuh-to@TONKAT.

The IOS30 stub introduced in 3.4 is also of this stub variant.